Spring 2014 Anime Season – Week 4

I guess I’ll be keeping it short this week and only be sharing my thoughts on No Game No Life episode 4, and Isshuukan Friends episode 4. I’ve personally been finding it hard to follow some of the Spring 2014 anime series but that may just be a result of my lack of interest in a lot of the shows.

No Game No Life

No Game No Life Sora serious

This series continues to impress me. Sora manages to defeat Kurami by leading his army with his charisma. The way the “chess” pieces moved was influenced by their own will, a factor that can’t be easily manipulated. Sora leads his soldiers by showing that he understands them. He’s not some dictator who’s above them all, treating them as tools and ordering them around. He allows them to move and make decisions on their own free will. As mentioned and seen throughout history is usually the most effective way of leading people. When people are forced to follow orders, they’ll likely be less thrilled about it. However, if you give them some freedom, they’ll be more likely to follow what their leader desires. It’s like the difference between asking someone to do something versus commanding them to do it. Chances are, they’ll be more likely to react positively if you ask rather than order them.

No Game No Life episode 4 king sora queen shiro

Sora has quite a way with words. His speech to the Imanity people was inspiring. Sora himself isn’t some super human with special powers. He’s a regular person just like the rest of them. Humans are at a major disadvantage in this world because of they don’t excel in any particular area. However, this is why they must strive to surpass the other races. While the other races are better off naturally, humans have to work hard to compete with them. As a result, humanity was able to conquer the continent. They weren’t content with their position and pushed themselves further whereas the other races likely took their strength for granted and suffered as a result. As Sora mentioned, acknowledging your weakness is the first step in moving forward. By acknowledging that you’re weak, you can then work on improving on those weaknesses. For the humans, they don’t have any super strength, magic, or intelligence and as a result, the only way they can go is up. They’re at the bottom of the rankings and lost their land, they don’t have much else to lose but they have a whole lot to gain.

You can watch No Game No Life on Crunchyroll (may not be available in all regions)

Isshuukan Friends

Isshuukan friends episode 4 fujimiya kaori

Hase started to get a bit jealous because Fujimiya has been spending a lot of time talking about Kiryuu. Hase wasn’t being considerate of her when he confronted her about it as well. Knowing that she can’t seem to remember Hase (or her other “friends”), it’s difficult for her to continuously converse with him. As we saw in the previous episodes, Fujimiya would sometimes repeat things she said last week. Constantly bringing up the same things over and over again to Hase was probably on her mind since she’s finally made a friend and doesn’t want to bore him to death. Even though Hase is bothered by her talking about Kiryuu, Fujimiya feels like she doesn’t have any other choice since she can’t remember the conversations they’ve had in the past.

Fujimiya Kaori hase Yuuki

I think one thing I found odd in this series is how Fujimiya behaves after she’s lost her memories. She’s a very timid person but whenever Hase approaches her after losing her memories, she acts very coldly towards him. She doesn’t seem to act as cold to her classmates but rather she just avoids interacting with them. It just feels odd that someone who is so shy and insecure would just straight up tell them off. Then again, it could just be my interpretation of her character as being cold. Perhaps to others (and in her mind) she’s not actually being rude/cold but it’s just how she is.

You can watch Isshuukan Friends on Crunchyroll (may not be available in all regions)

That concludes my thoughts on the Spring 2014 anime season week 4. I think as the season currently stands, No Game No Life and Isshuukan Friends would probably have to be my top picks for this season thus far. I think overall I’m enjoying the season more than the previous one but not necessarily as much as I’d originally thought I would. Even though this post is rather short this week, you can still check out my thoughts on other Spring 2014 anime series such as Black Bullet and Mahouka.


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