Spring 2015 Top Anime Theme Songs

Spring 2015 Top Anime Theme Songs

I’m releasing a list of my favorite opening and endings of the Spring 2015 season. I would have liked for this to come out earlier, but I decided to wait until mid-season so that I could share the actual songs or music videos, and avoid linking to copyrighted versions (that would be taken down). Normally, I separate the OP and EDs into their own posts, but due to time constraints, I’m back to combining them into one big list!

Top Spring 2015 Anime Openings

6. Shokugeki no Souma – Kibou no Uta by Ultra Tower

Shokugeki no Souma Opening

I wanted to put this higher up on my list, but there were a lot of great openings this spring season! Kibou no Uta feels nostalgic, a theme song that would be suited for your typical shounen cartoons growing up as a kid. Overall, a very calm and peaceful song, have a listen to it!

5. Nisekoi S2 – Rally Go Round by LiSA

Nisekoi OP

I’ve always enjoyed listening to LiSA’s songs, don’t think I’ve heard one that I didn’t like yet! Rally Go Round is no different. I think the OP video also captures Nisekoi’s essence rather well. All of the girls have their moment with Raku while he pulls off some sweet tricks, suited for a knight in shining armor, only to “mess it up” in the end and we end up back at square one!

4. Hibike! Euphonium – DREAM SOLISTER by TRUE

Best Anime Songs Spring 2015

This was originally my top pick for opening of the season. The orchestra in this is just so powerful. There’s just something magical about hearing every single instrument come together at the right moment during the chorus which really stuck with me. As time went on though, other openings began growing on me more, but I would still consider this near the top of my list!

3. Owari no Seraph – X.U. by Sawano Hiroyuki [nZk]:Gemie

Hiragi Uniform Look

I’m always a fan of Sawano Hiroyuki’s songs, and this one is no exception. It starts off as rather hypnotic with some mellow singing as the loli vampire spins in circles, while I find the chorus to be very powerful. While the vocals might be a bit flat, the music really picks up which is what made the song grow on me.

2. Fate Stay Night UBW – Brave Shine by Aimer

Spring 2015 Anime Top Music

I have to admit, I was disappointed when I heard that the OP for UBW was not being sung by LiSA or Kalafina. At first, I didn’t really think too much about Brave Shine, but as I listened to it more, it really began to grow on me. Not only are the visuals stunning, but the entire just song feels like it flows together. In particular, I like how they transition from the first verse into the chorus.

1. Yamada-kun to 7 nin no Majo – Kuchikuze Diamond by WEAVER

Yamada-Kun Best Opening Songs

I had to give my top spot to Kuchikuze Diamond this season. Ever since I picked up the anime, I could not get this song out of my head. Not only does it have an amazing beat, but the vocals are what won me over. The song itself is also complimented by amazing animation. When put together, it really conveys the innocence and sweetness of the romance found within Yamada-kun.

Top Spring 2015 Anime Endings

7. OreGairu Zoku – Everyday World by Saori Hayami & Nao Touyama

Top Anime Music 2015

What I really like about this song is how bright and warm it feels. Looking at the series, Hachiman is a pretty cynical person, but hearing this almost gives me a feeling of hope that he’ll get out of his rut by the end of the series.

6. Hibike! Euphonium – Tutti! by Kitauji Quartet

Spring 2015 Best Anime OP

A theme song sung by the main cast is always fun to listen to. Tutti! is one of the most upbeat and catchy ending songs of the season. Although, if you’re not a fan of KyoAni’s typical moe series, this might not be for you.

5. Fate/Stay Night UBW – ring your bell by Kalafina

Best Anime Songs 2015


The majority of Kalafina songs have a very similar vibe to them, and this one is no exception. I’d say their style is a mix of pop and opera, but this song in particular is closer towards the opera side. It’s a hauntingly beautiful song, especially the rendition they did for Illya’s episode.

4. Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo – Candy Magic by MimimemeMIMI

Yamada-kun Ending Song

Ignore the creepy artistic choice for this video… here’s the actual music video if you don’t mind the longer load time to jpoptsuki. I just love how bright and colorful the visuals are for the ending animation, it just ties the entire series together nicely.

3. Shokugeki no Souma – Spice by Tokyo Karankoron

Best Anime Music Spring 2015

Another insanely peaceful song to listen to. After all of the craziness that is Shokugeki no Souma, what better way to wind down than with such a harmonious song?

2. High School Dxd BorN – Give Me Secret by StylipS

Top 10 Spring 2015 Anime Songs

What can I say, StylipS always has fun and catchy songs. While I was disappointed we didn’t get to see DxD’s signature ending animations this season, the ending was still great. I’d say that their endings are always a tease, coming off as innocent pop love songs.

1. Ore Monogatari – Shiawase no Arika by LOCAL CONNECT

Top Anime Openings 2015 Spring

I’ll have to find an official video or something later on, but for now, you can listen to this awesome drum cover of the song. It’s hard to explain why I picked this as my favorite. Maybe it’s just because I find this song so peaceful to listen to. I think it manages to capture the innocence of the series with the heartfelt singing and pure white backgrounds used.

There you have my favorite Spring 2015 anime theme songs! There were a lot of great songs I probably missed out, but this list was mainly based on the series that I have been watching.

Feel free to share and list off your favorite OP and EDs of the season, I’d love to expand my music collection based on your recommendations!


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9 thoughts on “Spring 2015 Top Anime Theme Songs

  1. Interesting. You loved the ED to My Teen Romantic Comedy is Wrong As I Expected. 2. The weird thing is I love Saori Hayami’s voice acting. I know Nao Toyama and Saori Hayami both did the Ed of Season 1 of the series but this song didn’t find all that passionate sounding. But I am loving the OP, Harumodoki, that is performed by Nagi Yanagi. She also happened to do the Season 1 OP.

    But I have to agree. There is no option but to love Hiroyuki Sawano songs. Mostly Guilty Crown’s “Bios” I mean. I like the first half of X.U. with the placid singing but sort of dislike the more impassioned singing in the second half. Too shounen for my tastes.

    1. Haha, I guess we have pretty opposite tastes in some aspects!

      I enjoyed the Nagi Yanagi OP, but I just felt it wasn’t as memorable as some of her other songs for me. For the ending, I just loved hearing them sing in unison, not sure why but it really lifts my mood hearing that.

      I actually really liked the second half of X.U., but I can see how the singing comes off as flat or too shounen, but I can’t help but get the urge to want to sing along.

  2. I’ve had the Shokugeki no Souma ED on repeat for weeks now! So calming and peaceful and adorable.

    Nice choices! I still have ranked my OPs and EDs…I’ll probably wait till the end of the season. 🙂


    1. There’s just something hypnotic about the video’s movements along with the song!

      Looking forward to seeing what your list is. It actually took me forever to get this up too, started writing it out back in week 1 but put off finding the songs until this past week. My rankings actually shifted quite a bit as the weeks went by though and songs began to grow on me.

    1. Ah yes, UVERworld, haven’t heard their singing since watching Ao no Exorcist. I really wanted to pick up Arslan this season, but my weekend anime schedule was already pretty packed. Have to do all of my blogging/writing on those days as well, making it harder to fit in more shows!

      I know Kekkai Sensen has some pretty awesome songs as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3SlUmr_T4g which probably would have made my list if I watched the series.

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