Summer 2014 Anime Season Pre-Air Impressions

The summer 2014 anime season is just a few weeks away! I’ve compiled a list of the series I’m looking forward to the most and written some brief impressions on them. If there are any series that aren’t on this list and you think I should check out, please feel free to let me know!

Akame ga Kill!

Akame ga kill animeProbably one of the most hyped series coming into the season. Akame ga Kill is a relatively popular and well received manga. The setting appears to be in a world filled with corruption and a group of assassins who try to purge the world. I’ve heard some concerns regarding censorship for this series since the manga is apparently pretty brutal. Other than that, I don’t have much to say about it as I have yet to read the manga (decided to put it off with the anime announcement). It’s also been confirmed to be a split-cour show so hopefully there won’t be too many pacing issues.

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Aldnoah Zero

Aldnoah zero anime

An anime original series that appears to be mecha focused. While I’m personally not a fan of mechas, I can’t pass this show up because of the staff behind it. Gen Urobuchi (Fate Zero, Psycho-Pass, Madoka) being the creator, combined with Sawano Hiroyuki (Shingeki no Kyojin, Guilty Crown, Kill la Kill OSTs) and Kajiura Yuki (Fate Zero, Kara no Kyoukai, SAO, Madoka music) doing the music alone makes this series likely worth watching. The three people I named have been involved in some of my favourite and most enjoyed series. My primary concern for this series though, is that mechas tend to have some barriers to entry. By that I mean, they tend to have a lot of details and background knowledge regarding how they operate which usually leads to my confusion (Buddy Complex, Captain Earth). Regardless, this is probably the series that most people will want to keep their eyes on since it could potentially be another masterpiece.

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Ao Haru Ride

Ao Haru Ride anime

Based on another somewhat popular and well received manga, but this time it’s a shoujo. The premise sounds pretty straightforward (and somewhat cliche) but I’m interested in seeing what sets Ao Haru Ride above so many other series. I’m a bit skeptic since it’s a shoujo. There are just certain tropes that appeared in nearly every shoujo I’ve watched/read which has made them difficult for me to get into now. I’m not the target demographic for this series, but I think it still has some potential to be heartwarming.

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Glasslip anime

P.A. Works has been producing visually stunning anime in recent years and Glasslip is no exception. While there isn’t much given in the synopsis, I have some expectations for this series. While I don’t think it’ll be as captivating as Nagi no Asukara was, it’ll still likely be an enjoyable slice of life show (similar to Tari Tari or Hanasaku Iroha). Overall, P.A. Works has done a great job in their anime original series with the visuals, characters, soundtrack, and stories which makes me excited to watch yet another one of their works!

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Hamatora season 2

I’m mainly watching this because of how the first season ended. I won’t go into details since I don’t want to spoil Hamatora for those who haven’t seen it yet, but it ends on a pretty big cliffhanger. The first season had an interesting premise but (in my opinion) was lacking in cohesiveness. The series seemed episodic where a new case was being investigated each episode. While these episodes didn’t really add much to the story, they did try to drive home some decent messages/lessons which are relevant to today’s society. The art and soundtrack were good but there were noticeable dips in animation quality throughout the first season. Hopefully, this second season incorporates more character development, rather than introducing even more characters to the already large cast.

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Sword Art Online II

Sword art online s2

Oh boy, Sword Art was probably one of the most popular series with a huge following behind it. It reached out to a huge audience (similar to Shingeki no Kyojin) and became quite popular with people who were unfamiliar with anime. While the second half of the first season received a lot of criticism, I still found it to be a decent series overall. The second season throws them into yet another game but this time revolving around guns. From the synopsis, they also reintroduce the concept of consequences in the real world for being killed in the virtual world. This was one of the key things that dragged a lot of people into the series in the first place and it’s nice that there is a threat once again. I think this leaves open a lot of potential for SAO to have some emotional moments. The first half pretty much only killed off characters with little emotional attachment which made the whole death game feel pointless to me (introducing a girl in an episode and then killing her off soon after). Either way, I still think SAO 2 will be a major improvement over the Alfheim arc and look forward to it.

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Tokyo ESP

Tokyo ESP

I’m not familiar with this series as well, but the art definitely caught my attention. The synopsis sounds pretty far out there, involving penguins and flying fish but it looks like it’ll be a fun series.

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Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Kushu anime

This is probably the series that I’m most interested in. It’s been a while since I’ve watched a “horror” anime. The synopsis gives off a zombie apocalypse type of vibe, with the ghouls seeking out humans to devour. The PV video definitely gives off an eerie feel and the animation/art look stunning. I’m not sure how I feel about the main voice lead, but thats mainly because of my personal opinion (his voice matching his previous roles too closely). The opening song for Tokyo Ghoul is also by Ling Tosite Sigure (Psycho-Pass’ first OP) which gave me the chills when hearing it. It definitely sets the mood for the show, which makes me even more excited to see it.

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In addition to these series, I’m also picking up a few slice of life/comedies but figured there isn’t much to discuss about at this point. These shows include Hanayamata, Free! (not really sure why I watched the first season), Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Fate Illya, Jinsei, Blade Dance, and Rokujouma no Shinryakusha! (Sounds pretty similar to Nanana). While I don’t want to get my expectations too high, this looks like a pretty stacked season with a lot of seemingly great series. Anyways, I’ve shared what I’m looking forward to, what series are you anticipating for the summer 2014 season?


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  1. Tokyo ESP is a very entertaining manga that deserves a good adaptation. The source material is so tongue and cheek in the vain of some of tarantino films, but its done in a well executed, smart way. It knows when to be over-the-top, in that beings-with-superpowers type of way, yet at the same time it knows when to be subtle such as with its characters and more darker moments. Im hyped to see how this adaptation turns out…i hope it ends up being good. it’s like you said, it truly is a fun series.

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