Summer 2014 Anime Top OP & ED Songs

We’re midway into the season and I thought it’d be a good time to share my favourite openings and endings for the summer 2014 season! As always, these are my personal top 5 favourites based on the series that I’m following throughout the season. You can also check out my previous top lists for the Spring and Winter seasons.

My Top Summer 2014 Anime Openings

Best anime openings summer 2014

5. Hanayamata – “Hanaha Odori Reya Iroha ni Ho” by Team Hanayamata (Cast)

This one’s a bit different from all of my other top picks, but for a good reason! Hanayamata’s OP is probably one of the catchiest one’s I’ve heard in a while. That combined with the girls dancing along to the song makes it hard not to love!

Summer 2014 Anime Top openings and ending songs

4. Sword Art Online II – “IGNITE” by Eir Aoi

Don’t really have any comments on this one aside from it’s Sword Art and pretty catchy to listen to. I really like how they balance the slower parts of the song with the faster paced chorus. The slower sections are a pretty good build up that amps me up for when the chorus drops.

Favorite anime opening

3. Re: Hamatora – “Sen no Tsubasa” by Livetune ft.Takuro Sugawara

I thought the first season of Hamatora was kind of lackluster and didn’t care too much for the second season. That is until I heard the OP song. The song just drew me into the series and hyped me up for whats yet to come for the series. I guess seeing all of the characters alongside this upbeat song got me back into the mood for wanting to see more!

Top summer 2014 anime op eds

2. Aldnoah.Zero – “Heavenly Blue” by Kalafina

This one had to be on the list of top OPs simply because it’s sung by Kalafina. Their vocal range reminds me a bit of opera singing. However, they combine that amazing range with a pop fusion which makes their songs hauntingly beautiful to listen to!

Best anime songs Summer 2014

1. Tokyo Ghoul – “unravel” by Ling Tosite Sigure

I was a big fan when I first heard Ling Tosite Sigure’s song for Psycho-Pass. “Unravel” was my top OP for the summer season because of how well it fits the show. From the lyrics, to the animation, you get the sense of Kaneki’s struggles and despair that the series focuses on. Just the way the song compliments the series perfectly, makes it stand out as my favourite OP of the season.

My Top Summer 2014 Anime Endings

Rail butts anime

5. Rail Wars! – “OVERDRIVER” by ZAQ

Normally, I’m not a fan of ZAQ songs (they all sound pretty similar), but OVERDRIVER is just too dang catchy for me! While the anime may not be a masterpiece, they’ve at least managed to make me remember the series on this song alone (and Sakurai…).

Best summer 2014 anime songs

4. Akame ga Kill – “Konna Sekai, Shiritakunakatta” by Miku Sawai

A very beautiful song in my opinion for Akame ga Kill’s ending. It’s a slow and somber song with a very powerful chorus, which really compliments the series.

top summer 2014 anime

3. Barakamon – “Innocence” by NoisyCell

At first I thought “Innocence” sounded a bit funky, but that was due to the Engrish lyrics. After listening to it again, it became one of my favourites of the season because of it’s laid back and relaxing feel.

best anime openings of all time

2. Aldnoah Zero – “A/Z” by Sawano Hiroyuki

Even though I’m not really into Aldnoah.Zero, I can’t deny that it has great tracks! I find the ending song just really peaceful to listen to and helps wind down from the action of the series.

summer 2014 anime op

1. Tokyo Ghoul – “Seijatachi” by People in the Box

At first, I was a bit turned off by the lack of animation for this ED. But after listening to Seijatachi more, it began to grow on me. The song starts out with a bit of a depressing/dark feel to it but then it slowly builds up to a brighter chorus. Like the OP, the song really compliments Tokyo Ghoul as it fits with what Kaneki has to go through in the series.

Well, there you have it, my top 5 OP and ED songs of the 2014 summer season. Once again, there were a lot of great and catchy songs which made it difficult to narrow down my favorite picks. Feel free to share what your top songs of the season are!



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9 thoughts on “Summer 2014 Anime Top OP & ED Songs

  1. Hands down for me is Tokyo Ghou’s OP, Unravel by TK from Ling Tosite Sigure. I had already liked Psycho-Pass’s OP to begin with when Toru Kitajima sung in it too, so no surprise also liked Unravel. I think like Unravel way more. I actually sort of pre-ordered Unravel CD Limited Edition. I just had to get it.

    In second place is Kimi Jyanakya Dame Mitai by Masayoshi Oishi. The OP for Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun.

    Sen no Tsubasa by Livetune ft.Takuro Sugawara is in third place for me. I am thinking of getting the CD version of Flat adding Yuuki Ozaki(from Galileo Galilei) by Livetune sometime soon in the future which was the OP for Season 1 of Hamatora.

    For endings Future Fish by Style Five is my absolute favorite. I just put in an order yesterday since really want to own the CD. Next like you I also love Seijyatachi by People in the Box. I really actually want to buy the CD but the supplier I use the most doesn’t have it in stock.

    1. Oh man, I really wanted to put Free! up there for my favourite songs! That ED animation and song were pretty damn catchy.

      There were so many catchy songs this season that I wish I could include more (but that would defeat the purpose of a top list if everything was thrown onto it!)

    2. For me: Tokyo Ghoul’s ‘Unravel’ at First place and Nozaki-kun’s ‘Kimi Jyanakya…’ in second place.
      I like both the Barakamon songs too.

      However Ghoul’s ending hasn’t grown on me yet (I don’t even skip past it!) and the Aldnoah.Zero songs still feel a bit generic to me.

      1. Gotta love how catchy Nozaki-kun’s OP is.

        I respect your opinion on Tokyo Ghoul’s ED and Aldnoah Zero’s songs. Tokyo Ghoul took me a while to get used to, and it’s a bit different from your other songs, so maybe it’s just my personal preferences!
        Aldnoah Zero songs (especially the OP) sound pretty similar to other songs by the same artists.

  2. I might be a bit biased (because I love Honeyworks to pieces), but I really love the Aoharaido/Ao Haru Ride opening song. Also, both the opening and endings for the Book of Circus series for Black Butler are awesome. It doesn’t seem like you’re watching that, though.

    Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun is just awesome all the way.

  3. you guys completly forgotten Zankyou no Terror!!! OP is great, but the ED is the best this season guys, allways gives me the chills… just perfect!

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