Summer 2014 Anime Week 3

The three episode rule is now in effect for most series, as anime fans are seeing what shows to continue watching and which to drop. For this week, I’ll share my thoughts on Re: Hamatora Episode 3, Ao Haru Ride Episode 3, and Barakamon episode 3.

Re: Hamatora

Hamatora s2 ep 3 review Art

Art’s victims appear to be “happy” after having their minimums removed. Minimums were unique to the users, but after losing them, they become ordinary people. While Moral wanted to make everyone equal by giving them power, Art is trying to achieve the same equality, but through different means. He doesn’t want anyone to stand out with their minimums and is taking it upon himself to purge the world of them.

hamatora season 2 ep 3 nice

Even though Art and Nice clashed in this episode, I’m still curious as to what Art’s motives are. Art didn’t seem to care about the insanity minimum’s power, but rather, he just wanted to stop him to protect the civilians. Despite having the same goal here, Art is still fixated on the idea of defeating Nice.

re hamatora episode 3 review young nice and art

We also got to see a flashback of Nice and Art’s past. They bring up Art’s brother once again, who hasn’t been mentioned in a while. He was shown to be an important person to them, but appeared to have died. I’m curious as to why they brought him back up now and if he has any relation to this third party that was involved in the insanity minimum holder’s escape. Perhaps Art is gathering power in order to take down that entity. Either way, there are still SO many questions I’d like to see answered which concerns me a bit considering how they handled the first season.

You can watch Re: Hamatora on Crunchyroll

Ao Haru Ride

Ao haru ride ep 3 review mabuchi kou tanaka

If it wasn’t obvious enough, we learn that Kou and Tanaka-sensei are related. Tanaka-Sensei has a bubbly personality and likes to worry about his little brother. Kou’s always been on the quieter side and had to experience his parents divorcing, which can be a rough experience. It seems like something about him has changed in the last few years after the divorce, but it could also just be a result of his first heart break.

Ao Haru Ride episode 3 impressions characters

Futaba is given another opportunity to “reset” her image in the new semester. After burning bridges with her old friends, she’s eager to try and become a new person with this new semester. Even though she wants to reset her image, it’s not so easy to accomplish. She’s changed a lot since her middle school days. Even though she didn’t like hanging around “fake” girls, she did become much more open and social because of her experiences. Thanks to her desire to change even more, we’re basically introduced to the main cast of characters. It seems that this event committee group will end up being her new social circle.

You can watch Ao Haru Ride on Crunchyroll


barakamon episode 3 impressions naru

Sensei thinks he’s ready to try competing once again. However, he loses once again and ends up becoming depressed with the results. He thought he was making vast improvements with his time spent on the island. He’s devoted a good chunk of his life to calligraphy, but he loses to a young kid who’s just naturally talented. At the end of the day, leave it to a child to put things back into perspective. Why get upset over doing calligraphy if it’s something he enjoys doing. He shouldn’t need the approval of others to enjoy writing, and he should just continue doing what makes him happy.

You can watch Barakamon on Crunchyroll (only available in Europe) and Funimation

That concludes my Summer 2014 anime week 3 thoughts. Unfortunately, I think my weekend posts (SAO 2, and Mahouka) will be a bit later due to exams (Yay for 3 exams on a Saturday!). Incase you haven’t checked them out already, you can find my thoughts on the previous episode of Tokyo Ghoul, Sword Art Online, and Akame ga Kill!


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