Summer 2014 Anime Week 5

Unfortunately, I’m going to have to keep it a bit short this week again. Most series are past that honey-moon phase for me and I actually did not find myself too interested in them this past week. This week I’ll take a quick look at Barakamon episode 5, Free! episode 5, and Re: Hamatora episode 5.


Summer anime week 5 Barakmon episode 5 review Sensei

Another relaxing and sweet episode. Sensei being from the city, he’s a little bit uptight compared to the country folk. With so many people in Tokyo, people strive to stand out above the rest which is probably why Sensei is so competitive. He doesn’t take calligraphy lightly, even when the kids are just trying to have a bit of fun.

Barakamon Sensei Blushing

They end up taking the day off by going to the sea. Even here, Sensei is still wound up and uptight. In the end, they realize Sensei is so strict because he cares for them. He’s actually come a long way since he first came to the island. All he ever did was focus on calligraphy, but yet here he is having fun and worrying about the safety of these kids. He’s learned a lot since coming to the island and has become more than just a calligrapher.

You can watch Barakamon on Crunchyroll (only available in Europe) and Funimation


Free s2 episode 5 review Nagisa

I guess I’ll touch on episode 5 of Free briefly. This entire season has been focusing more on the characters and less on swimming it seems. We’ve been seeing a lot of their insecurities or issues arising. This episode focused on Nagisa’s personal struggles. He is always the most cheerful person in the group, lightening up everyone’s mood. But, no matter how much of a front he puts out, he can’t hide his own dilemma.

Free s2 ep 5 nagisa crying

I’m pretty sure most of us have gone through something similar to Nagisa. Parents always put a ton of expectations on their kids and kind of want them to live up to those expectations. Nagisa just wanted to do what he enjoyed and have fun. I guess the message of this episode was to tell the viewers, that you need to do what makes you happiest in life. As cliche as this message is, I think that Free! did a decent job at conveying it since we got to see even the jolliest of all men suffer through it.

You can watch Free! on Crunchyroll

Re: Hamatora

Summer 2014 anime week 5 re hamatora gasquet

I wasn’t really expecting much from Gasquet originally. Back in season one, he didn’t really seem to play any significant role. However, with the betrayal of Art, Gasquet has been hurt this entire time. Art was his partner and yet he never really understood him, which fills him with regret.

hamatora s2 episode 5 review Nice angry

Seeing Gasquet get caught in the cross-fire was painful for not only myself, but for Nice and Art as well. Gasquet’s last moments seemed so uncharacteristic of him. He’s always been kind of an authoritative figure, but he devolves to being insecure, questioning what went wrong for Art to leave them.

re hamatora episode 5 review art sad

Seeing Art’s reaction to the death, it seems like he’s not the same type of villain as Moral was. Art seemed really saddened and even frustrated with what happened to Gasquet. He saw him as a friend as well and did not wish for that to happen to him. Seeing Art’s reaction further instigates the theory that there is another enemy out there (Saikyou), and Art is simply taking it upon himself to resolve.

You can watch Re: Hamatora on Crunchyroll

After this week, we’re now at the half way point into the summer season! Once I find some free time, I’ll do my mid-season impressions where I briefly run through all of the shows I’m following this season. Until then though, you can check out my latest posts for Tokyo Ghoul, Sword Art Online, and Akame ga Kill.


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