Summer 2014 anime season week 6

Summer 2014 Anime Week 6

Once again, I’ve been falling behind on my series. But fear not! I’m attempting on catching up on everything to write my mid-season review (hopefully this weekend). Until then though, I’ll be posting my ramblings on Re: Hamatora episode 6, Barakamon episode 6, and Ao Haru Ride episode 6.

Re: Hamatora

Re Hamatora episode 6 Review Murasaki dies

I thought that I could sympathize with Art after seeing his reaction to Gasquet’s death. But, after his action this episode, I’m seeing him being a flat out villain. Art is quite similar to Moral at this point. He has an unhealthy obsession with Nice which is fueling his actions. I thought that he would still have some emotional attachment to his pals at Hamatora, yet he’s the one that causes Murasaki’s death. Perhaps having Gasquet get caught in the crossfire gave him the resolve that he can’t show any signs of weakness with his mission.

Hamatora s2 review

Murasaki is shown to be frustrated with his deteriorating powers and fear of not being able to stand next to Nice. As Moral stated in the past, the strongest people are the loneliest since no one can stand equal to them. Even though there’s a disparity in their power, Murasaki was still up there and served as Nice’s partner. In the end, Murasaki remained loyal to Nice since he knew, that power didn’t matter at all to Nice. Even if Murasaki lost his minimum, he knew that Nice would never cast him aside (he never treated Art differently).

Re Hamatora Art revive

Art is also now taking a different approach to carry out his mission. Moral operated within the shadows, only appearing before those who craved power. Art’s now trying to unite the masses against minimum holders. His little publicity stunt instills fear on the public (he’s literally Jesus in their eyes).

This season is a pretty big change in pace from the previous one. I’m still hoping that they tie up on all of the loose ends, but I’m enjoying the darker tone thus far.

You can watch Re: Hamatora on Crunchyroll


Barakamon episode 6 review

Sensei has visitors from Tokyo! Kanzaki’s not only his rival, but also a big fan of Sensei. He ventures deep in to the country to see the man he idolized but is frustrated with what he sees. Sensei used to be anti-social and would only focus on his calligraphy, but here he is now, kicking it back and enjoying life.

Barakamon anime review

As Kawafuji mentioned, Sensei has always been a very disciplined person. His entire life revolved around calligraphy, which is why they ended up sending him off. He hit a breaking point and really needed time to (as cliche as it sounds) find himself. By learning that there’s more to life than his calligraphy, he’s able to grow as a person and as an artist (taking in inspiration around him).

You can watch Barakamon on Crunchyroll (only available in Europe) and Funimation

Ao Haru Ride

Ao Haru Ride episode 6 review

Part of me wants to get a little emotional at all of the angsty teen romance drama, but another part of me is cringing at all of the miscommunication. Futaba not accepting her feelings will probably cause Yuuri a bit of pain down the road. Rather than remaining neutral or admitting her feelings, she has to go with flat out denial, which leaves Yuuri with more hope.

Ao Haru Ride Kou x Futaba

The train scene might have been adorable for many, but I found it to be a bit ridiculous. She ends up leaving her feelings on whether or not he takes off with the train. Ignore everything he’s done or said to you up until this point, let’s just leave it down to this one specific action. I’m being overly critical of the show, but I just find it amusing at how things are playing out. I can’t hate on it too much since I did a lot of silly things as a teenager as well!

You can watch Ao Haru Ride on Crunchyroll

That’s a wrap on my Summer 2014 anime week 6. I’m finally getting to my backlog (I’ve probably said this for the past 4 weeks), and hopefully I can finally finish my mid season review within the next few days! Until then, you can check out my latest post on my top OP & EDs of the season.


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  1. I still can’t believe Art. I think he is trying to make up on his weakness he showed with Gasuke’s death. It is probably why he feels the need to act so villain-ness.

    Sheesh. On Ao Haru Ride I really need to catch up on it. So behind. Kind of understand you being behind on stuff. Too much good anime this season.

    1. I always think I’ve caught up, but then there’s always one or two series that I have forgotten about… and thus, a never ending cycle of being behind!

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