Summer 2014 Anime week 7 review

Summer 2014 Anime Week 7

Once again, I keep falling behind on my anime! Another delayed post, but now that I’ve managed to catch up on everything, I’ll discuss Glasslip Episode 7, Re: Hamatora episode 7, and Ao Haru Ride episode 7.


Glasslip Episode 7 Review
Subtitles greatly enhance my viewing pleasure

One positive thing about Glasslip is how flawed all the characters are. Every single one of them has a glaring fault. This makes them a  bit more human since they’re not these idealistic kids. However, as contradicting as it may sound, their character faults are actually pretty irritating. The only character that I don’t actually find annoying is probably Shirosaki since he seems like the most mature one. Everyone else is either full of themselves or petty.

Glasslip please stay attractive

I actually found the characters’ logic to be pretty hilarious. We have Hina who approaches Yuki for the first time in her life, and tells him to stay attractive (or confident)! A girl, you’ve never seen before, chases after you and tells you to stay confident, how do you even react to that? The dramatic music made me think that this was supposed to be a touching scene, yet all I could do was laugh at the ridiculousness of the situation.

You can watch Glasslip on Crunchyroll

Re: Hamatora

Hamatora episode 7 review

Another ridiculous episode of the week! After they set up a dark mood, they decide to do a complete 180. Here I was, saddened by what happened to Murasaki, and then they decide to make a complete mockery of his situation. Even though he was nearly killed, everyone just gives him a hard time because he’s alive.

Art Hamatora

On another note, Art still showed some mercy by sparing Murasaki. He has yet to actually kill his former friends, which leaves hope that he’s not a total jerk. However, he’s still obsessed with killing Nice which could make that previous point irrelevant.

Hamatora Hajime

The end of the episode was probably the most interesting part. We finally see the mysterious flower girl once again! We’re also finally finding out who Hajime really is. The series has always made her out to be an important character, yet she just sat on the sidelines. We got a glimpse of her power at the end of last season, but it didn’t amount to much since she returned to normal rather quickly.

You can watch Re: Hamatora on Crunchyroll

Ao Haru Ride

Ao Haru Ride episode 7 review

Futaba’s become a lot more self conscious now that she’s decided that she’s in love with Kou. She begins questioning her appearance more, wanting to appeal to him. Her convenient encounter with her old friend also leaves her feeling more insecure. She saw how messy love “triangles” can be and is afraid to hurt Yuuri.

Ao Haru Ride Yuuri

From Yuuri’s perspective though, it seems like Futaba is overreacting. Yuuri’s just glad to have Futaba as a friend and wants to be there for her. She even confronted Futaba prior, to see if she had any feelings for Kou. Yuuri probably had a hunch that there was something going on between them, and didn’t want to cause her any pain. Even though they set up a big dramatic confrontation, at the end of the episode, I don’t see Yuuri causing a big scene over this.

You can watch Ao Haru Ride on Crunchyroll

That sums up my thoughts on some shows from week 7 of the summer season. I finally managed to post my Summer mid season review earlier on in the week, so check that out if you’re curious on my opinion for the summer season so far.


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