Summer 2014 anime week 8

Summer 2014 Anime Week 8

A bit of a late post again this week as I took some time off to enjoy the last week of “summer vacation”. The season end is approaching quickly, and before we know it, the fall season will be upon us. This week I’ll go over Barakamon episode 8, Ao Haru Ride Episode 8, and Re: Hamatora Episode 8.


Barakamon Episode 8 Review


No matter what they do, Barakamon always manages to warm my heart. Seeing how much everyone prepared for Naru’s birthday shows how much she means to them. Even if she’s just a kid, she’s made a huge impact on all of their lives. It was adorable to see Naru get so excited over Sensei’s last minute gift. The gift may seem silly, but deep down, all Naru really wants is to spend time with Sensei.

Barakamon Naru Sparkling


The next part of the episode, we get to learn a bit more about Naru’s family situation. It seems like her grandfather is her only family left, and she spends most of her time wandering around the countryside. When her grandmother was alive, she made an impact on everybody’s lives, and thus they pay their respects to her.

Barakamon Handa Sensei


While Naru is always cheerful, Sensei can’t help but read further into her situation. Not having parents around, and losing someone as wonderful as her grandmother, must have had some kind of effect on Naru. While she may not have close family, she still does have the villagers who welcome her with open arms. Perhaps Sensei will consider taking Naru in since her grandfather may not be around much longer.

Ao Haru Ride

Ao Haru Ride Episode 8 Drama


Futaba ends up finally confessing to Yuuri. While it wasn’t as explosive as she had imagined, Yuuri was still a bit hurt by it. In the end, all three of these girls were misfits, and they value their new found friendship. They’ve never had someone to even discuss their feelings with, and don’t want to ruin what they have now.

Ao Haru Ride Episode 8 Review Kou and Friends


We finally get to see a bit more of Kou’s personal life as well! It looks like he just wants a place to fit in as well. Having to move away in his early teens must have made him even more confused. Everyone is trying to figure out who they are as a person, but when you’re ripped out of your comfort zone, you’ll likely adapt to the first thing you settle on.

Ao Haru Ride Futaba and Kou Kiss


Kou ends up adopting this lazy, carefree personality as it matches those around him.He hangs out with these kids just as a way to kill time since he’s lonely. Even growing up, he didn’t have a ton of friends he could talk to, and the one person he could, kind of broke his heart. I guess the main group of friends in Ao Haru Ride is going to consist of all these lonely kids, who are just trying to find a place to fit in.

Re: Hamatora

Hamatora Season 2 episode 8 Review Saiykou

Quite a bit happened this episode! First, we learn Saikyou and the flower girl’s true identity (two birds with one stone!). Secondly, we learn a lot about Hajime and Nice’s past.

Hajime past Hamatora

They finally addressed why Hamatora’s minimums are disappearing, and it actually made some decent sense. We know why it only occurred in the second season, and why it was happening so quickly.

Hamatora Hajime Childhood

Seeing Hajime’s past was pretty depressing. She was subjected to cruel treatments and had nothing to live for. Everyday she would experience more pain because of her minimum ability. Nice managed to break her free from her chains. He rescued her and showed her that there are good things in life (like hamburgers!).

That brings a close to another week in anime for me. In the coming weeks as the season draws to a close, I’ll be writing my pre-air impressions for the fall season as well.



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