Summer 2015 Anime Mid Season Review

Summer 2015 Anime Mid Season Review

Well I started writing this post as a first impressions for the new anime season. After getting side tracked and being busy with work, I decided to push it back a bit and just do a mid season review instead.

While there were many shows on my radar in my pre-air review, a lot of shows failed to catch my interest early on. With less and less free time as I continue to balance work life and this hobby, I had to drop quite a few series. Regardless, there are still a handful of shows that I found to be really enjoyable so far this summer season so let’s get down to it!

Summer 2015 Anime Mid Season Review

Top Summer 2015 Anime Picks


Top Summer 2015 Anime

I’ve been enjoying the ride so far. Things started off with the male lead, Yuu, being a bit full of himself and pulling off some insane schemes to make a girl fall for him. The show has some slapstick comedy which can be a bit odd at times, considering how quickly it switches between silly jokes and the more serious tones. Overall, I can see it getting darker as the series progresses. I also fear for Ayumi since she seems so happy-go-lucky while Yuu takes her affection for granted. Knowing how Jun Maeda likes to think, I can’t help but feel he has something planned here…

I think there’s a lot of beauty in this show as well. All of the characters are filled with so much energy but it seems that they all had their hardships and have finally found a place where they can all belong. Nao in particular seems to have a lot of deeper issues going on, yet she maintains her cheerful and spunky front.

Jitsu wa Watashi wa

Best Comedy Anime 2015 Summer

While we have plenty of generic high school based harems every season, Jitsu wa Watashi wa has really caught my interest. The art style isn’t as bug eyed as the manga, but the series still has a unique charm to it. It reminds me more like the older series where its more tame and the romance is more innocent and sweet. While there are two monster harems this season, I’ve found Jitsu wa Watashi to be one of my most anticipated series on a weekly basis. Not to mention, the opening and ending are both insanely catchy and unique.


Gangsta Nicolas

I wrote up a longer first impression post earlier on in the season. Just to reiterate, Gangsta has been a surprise for me. A nice mix of action, comedy, along with a gritty story. Nic, Worwick and Alex aren’t exactly your role model characters, which is what I’m loving about the series. These people come from twisted pasts and commit many crimes, but they still have certain values they adhere to. I’m looking forward to learning more about the characters’ pasts and connecting all of these smaller incidents with the main conflict of the story.

Nic in particular really stands out to me. The ending song seems to suit his character perfectly and he seems to be one of the most broken characters in my recent memory. Never having experienced love as a child, suffering from birth defects and being discriminated against, he has gone through just about all the hardship you can imagine. Yet he doesn’t let any of this faze him and he continues working alongside his friend.

Durarara x2 Ten

Good 2015 Summer Anime

Picking up where we left off, last season, we begin a whole new set of stories. We climaxed with the revelation of another party pulling the strings from the shadows, other than Izaya but we still don’t know who they are. We see tensions continue to rise in Ikeburo as we follow everyone’s individual stories that will eventually intertwine and connect everything in the end.

The spotlight has also shifted from Mikado after he joined with the blue scarves which makes me really curious what has become of him. His character progression is interesting as well. In the beginning of the series, he started off as a kid who just wanted something exciting in his life. He thought it would be fun to start an online “gang”, but soon things spiraled out of his control. Rather than maintaining his laissez-faire approach, he has stepped up and began trying to take control of what he started.

Good Summer 2015 Anime Series


Shimoneta Ana Lewd

While the humor is pretty much shouting dirty words, for some reason I find Shimoneta wildly entertaining. There’s just so much energy in the show with everyone running around, screaming any obscenity you can think of. Things also get really intense and outrageous as the show continues to push the border for what is acceptable to air on TV (I believe we all know what scene I’m referring to here).

It can also be seen as a form of social commentary. A lot of groups nowadays are pushing to “protect the children” by sheltering them from any obscenities.  Without proper education or exposure to these topics though, you could wind up with kids not comprehending them and acting on their instincts like our lovely Anna.

Gakkou Gurashi!

Summer 2015 Anime Reviews

I think this series caught a lot of people by surprise. We have this cute happy go lucky school girl who is running around without a care in the world. You begin to wonder if something is terribly wrong with her with how happy she is all the time. Then they hit you with the fact that they’re in a zombie infested school ground and the main character seems to be in denial/can’t cope with the reality.

Prison School

Ecchi Anime Summer 2015

Another over the top comedy series that again pushes the boundaries of what is acceptable to air on TV. Everything about Prison School just screams outrageous. The boys are being driven by their hormones, causing them to act like… well teenage boys. They end up in all sorts of crazy situations because of their escapades. While the boys are certainly crazy, the girls carry some of the blame as well. It seems that separating the two genders during their earlier years has caused them to be completely clueless about the opposite sex, leading to all of these hormone fueled actions.

Monster Musume

Monster Girls Harem

While I’m a fan of harems, something about Monster Musume hasn’t caught my interest yet. Maybe it’s because all of the harem members are already madly in love with Kimihito and literally throw themselves at him every episode. To be fair, it’s in the title, that this is simply everyday life with monster girls, but that is literally all that it is.


Overlord Albedo

So far, Overlord has been pretty entertaining for me. I’m not a huge fan of fantasy series, which is more or less what it seems to have evolved into, but what I like about it is how conscious Momonga is of everything. Even though he was sucked into this world and trapped, he hasn’t full jumped into the world. He still wonders about real life consequences and his own insecurities, rather than doing whatever the heck he wants in this world. Being the only non-NPC character, Momonga has to find a way to establish balance in this world.

Non Non Biyori Repeat

Slice of Life anime 2015

Basically the same old Non Non Biyori, where we have a couple of school kids just enjoying their youth and living out their childhood. One of the main things that sets Non Non Biyori apart from other series is the artistic direction. The use of music, sound and choice of “camera” shots is astounding. In particular, episode 4’s way of story telling amazed me. With no dialogue, they set the mood and sent a message just by wisely choosing their shots and combining it with the silence.

To LOVE-Ru Darkness 2nd

To Love Ru Darkness 2 Review

I can’t say I expected too much from this series. I started watching the first season of darkness when it aired some summers ago and thought it was pretty fun and silly. I caught up on the rest of the To LOVE-Ru series afterwards and noticed how the earlier seasons actually tried to focus on some sort of plot. Now, the later series have no shame and go all out with their fan service which is what most people are here to see anyways. There is some slight progression in the story with the introduction of Nemesis, but let’s not fool ourselves here, it’s still To-LOVE-Ru!

Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei Herz!

Fate Illya 2wei Herz Review

With Unlimited Blade Works just ending, we have been blessed with even more of the Fate franchise! Unlike the other series, Fate Illya isn’t quite at the halfway mark yet, but we have already received the notorious beach episode. While we haven’t been focusing too much on the story so far, my past experience with Fate Illya is that the story itself is action packed and not to let the yuri scenes fool me.

Akagami no Shirayuki-hime

Best Summer 2015 Anime Series

Unfortunately I’ve fallen pretty behind on this series so I can’t give much of an opinion on it. From what I watched, it seemed like your usual shoujo/fantasy series. The main character was so sweet and innocent, while there are some more controlling men after her. Music and animation were high quality as well, making it enjoyable to watch. I’ll probably have to play catch up in the later weeks but as of now I’ve only had time for the first episode.

Dropped Summer Series

God Eater

God Eater Anime Review

Ufotable didn’t disappoint with the animation. God Eater, visually, is an impressive series. The characters have a slight 3-D feel to them, making it look more like a video game. Unfortunately, like other series based off of games, I’m still finding it hard to follow the series. The first episode was a rather long info dump with the introduction of so many characters and the rules of the universe. Not sure if I’ll continue watching this. While it definitely is pretty to look at, I can’t seem to find any sort of connection to the series/characters.

Aoharu x Kikanjuu

Aoharu x Kikanjuu hasn’t really blown me away or anything, but I would say it started off pretty well. We have some intense shooting games and a female main lead who is caught up in a lie pretending to be a guy. I found it to be a fun series to watch but it can be pretty slow at times. Unfortunately, I have too much on my plate at the moment and don’t have the time to dedicate to watching this show on a weekly basis.

There you have my thoughts on the summer anime season so far. I managed to at least sample all of the series I planned to but I definitely was a bit more selective with the series that I stuck with. Anyways, what are your thoughts on the summer 2015 season?


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