Summer 2015 Top Anime Songs

Summer 2015 Top Anime Songs – OP & EDs

As with every season, I list my favorite anime opening and ending songs of summer 2015.

Perhaps I’m watching fewer series, but I noticed that there were fewer OP and EDs making their way onto my playlist. Regardless I narrowed down my list to the top 5 anime OP and EDs that stood out the most to me and got stuck in my head.

Top Summer 2015 Anime Opening Songs

6. Fate Illya 2wei Herz – Wonder Stella by fhana

Best Anime Openings Summer 2015

While I’m not really into pop like songs, fhana’s singing had to break into my list. There’s just something unique about her singing voice and the higher pitches that she’s able to hit. It may not be my favorite, but it definitely has a catchy beat and amazing vocals to back it up.

5. Monster Musume – Saikousoku Fall in Love by Monster Musume Girls

Top Anime Songs Summer 2015

With so many crazy comedies this season, there are a ton of theme songs being sung by the cast members themselves. Hearing the characters perform the songs adds an extra layer of energy to the series and ties everything together. I really like hearing each of the monster girls sing while keeping character. On top of that, we get to see all of the girls fight over Kimihito and conclude it with a team heart spirit bomb!

4. Jitsu wa Watashi wa – Himitsu wo Choudai by Ars Magna

Best Anime Songs Summer 2015

Himitsu wo Choudai really grew on me the more I listened to it. This is probably the catchiest OP of the summer season for me. A full male pop band managed to perform such an upbeat and whimsical song that fits the craziness that is Jitsu wa Watashi wa. In particular, I just love the little bit just before the chorus that builds up before we get the big fanfare.

3. Gangsta – Renegade by STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION

Favorite Anime Openings and Endings 2015

This opening certainly fits the mood of Gangsta well. It has a nice combination of fun and grunginess to compliment the gritty Ergastulum. The animation is also colorful which and edgy which helps set the mood for the series as well. It’s definitely a wild ride but Renegade is one of my favorite openings of the summer season!

2. Durarara!!x2 Ten – Day you laugh by Toshiyuki Toyonaga

Durarara S2 Ten Opening

Sung by the voice actor of Mikaido, Day you laugh really fits with the current arc of the story. The lyrics convey a message of yearning to be reunited with a beloved person, but as Mikaido continues to become more involved with the Blue Squares, that day drifts further and further away.

1. Charlotte – Bravely You by Lia

Best Anime OP Summer 2015

This song really grew on me as we dove deeper into the season and the visuals began to have a deeper meaning. I thought that the beginning of the song is nothing special and was rather plain, but the hypnotic verse along with the main chorus is what made Bravely You stand out to me (let’s be honest, who doesn’t love seeing Nao dance?). Not only is the song beautiful with an uplifting chorus, but the animation is gorgeous as well with the cosmic backgrounds.

Top Summer Anime Endings Songs

5. Prison School – Tsumibukaki Oretachi no Sanka by Kangoku Danshi (cast)

Best Anime Ending Song Summer 2015

Going along with the theme of having OPs and EDs being sung by the cast, Prison School has another amazing one sung by prison boys. It’s such an upbeat and goofy song that captures the essence of all of the crazy antics the boys get into.

4. Durararax2!! Ten – EXIT by Relvacy

Top Anime Ending Song Summer 2015

While it’s a different song, EXIT still has strong resemblances to last season’s ending. Both are an upbeat and uplifting song that contrasts the more gritty and intense opening, heck even the animation is almost the same as last seasons! Even though we may end on cliffhangers or on more serious notes, just hearing this at the end of every week hypes me up, anticipating the next episode every time!

3. Jitsu wa Watashi wa – Ienai Ienai by Hilcrhyme

The Best Anime ED Song 2015 Summer

Similar to the opening, Jitsu wa Watashi Wa has some unique choices for their music. I haven’t heard a ton of Japanese rap-like songs but Ienai Ienai is insanely catchy. Not only is the rapping catchy, but it harmonizes beautifully with the female vocals in the chorus.

2. Charlotte – Yake Ochinai Tsubasa by Aoi Tada

Charlotte ED Song

The last song I remember from Aoi Tada would have to be the Angel Beats ending song, which was a beautiful yet somber song. The main ED of Charlotte is sung by the same person, but has a more uplifting tone to it. Similar to the opening, it has gorgeous stills within the credits which kind of raises the overall mood of the show when it comes to an end. After all of the darker and more depressing moments, it gives me a feeling of hope and a happier ending for the series.

1. Gangsta – Yoru no Kuni by Annabel

The Best Anime Song 2015 Summer

Quite the contrast to the funky and trance like opening. Annabel’s singing is very beautiful that helps each episode wind down with her calming voice. While the series itself can be gritty at times, Yoru no Kuni is a rather uplifting song and kind of leaves me feeling that even though things may be a mess, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It also feels like the song really suits Nic’s character. He may be a crazy and trigger happy man, but deep down he really is a gentle soul who had the short end of the stick all throughout his life. While I don’t understand the Japanese lyrics, this is just the sort of feeling I get when I listen to the ED.

That wraps up my list of favorite OPs and EDs of the summer 2015 anime season. Overall, there were a ton of catchy songs being sung by the cast members which are always fun and bring so much energy to a series. Regardless, I would have to say my favorite songs of the season were definitely the more powerful and meaningful songs like Annabel’s ED for Gangsta and Charlotte’s opening and endings.

Now that you’ve seen my list, which were your favorite OPs and EDs of the season?


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