Sword Art Online II Announced

Key visual released of Sword Art Online II
Key visual released of Sword Art Online II

Sword Art Online: Extra Edition aired earlier today and at the end of the special, they premiered a promotion for the announcement of a new season of Sword Art Online scheduled for a 2014 release. The new season of Sword Art Online will be adapting the Gun Gale Online arc which many people have been looking forward to.

You can watch Sword Art Online for Free on Crunchyroll (may not be viewable in all countries)

I personally did find myself enjoying the Sword Art Online series which had exceptional animation, art, and music. The writing of the story and characters, I found personally, were lacking a bit but nevertheless, it was still an entertaining action packed series. With this announcement, I’m hoping that there may be a future adaptation of Accel World as well since both series were created by Kawahari Reki and sold decently in Japan.


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