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Sword Art Online II Episode 12 – The Name

They’re really taking it slow this season of Sword Art. I like that they’re taking their time to build things up, but watching on a weekly basis is a bit infuriating. I just want to know who Death Gun is already!

Sword Art Online II Ep 12 Summary Death Gun's name

It seems as if Kirito’s deduction wasn’t completely spot on before. He didn’t account that there would be more people helping Death Gun. It’s kinda strange that a group of people would work together to commit such heinous acts. But, I guess that just shows how twisted some of their minds are.

Sword Art Online S2 Laughing Coffin

I don’t want to stereotype, but I’m sure some of the SAO players probably weren’t the most socially adept people. They likely used the game as an escape from reality. They were able to be powerful in this virtual world, by not being limited by their physical capabilities. Once SAO came to an end, they lost their power, and sought out a new way to “be in control”.

Death Gun vs Kirito

Perhaps Death Gun was influenced by his life experiences, which caused him to adopt such a twisted mindset. He thinks its better to kill, rather than to be killed. If he’s not out there killing others (in SAO), then there’s a chance he might be killed by them. Kirito had a more defensive mindset. He basically played SAO to not lose, rather than to win, despite being so strong. If someone threatened him, then he would react. Otherwise, Kirito never really took initiative to “win” in SAO (until he joined Asuna).

Kirito Sinon vs Death Gun

Since the stakes are high in this game, Kirito and Sinon have to go all out to win it. Death Gun has already claimed the lives of one, possibly two, people. The best way to save everyone is to eliminate them from the tournament. Death Gun is aiming for the publicity. If someone else eliminates the other players, Death Gun’s plan will have ultimately failed. At that point, he could still kill them, but his name wouldn’t be spread since the cause of death would appear natural.

Death Gun vs Kirito Fight

Since the title of the show is “Sword” Art Online, it’s only natural that we break into a sword fight in a first person shooter! I really enjoyed how smooth the animation was for this episode. The awesome build up music, combined with the action sequences made up for the past few episodes which were slower.

Kirito vs Sterben

The whole reason why Kirito can’t remember his name is because he never knew it in the first place. Kirito wanted to forget the entire incident, and didn’t even bother hearing Death Gun’s name. I guess that incident probably caused some psychological damage to Death Gun. Death Gun wanted power in SAO, but after being defeated by Kirito, he probably interpreted Kirito’s action as an insult. He was insignificant, and not worth his time, so he didn’t need his name.

Kirito Bullet of Bullets Finals

Either way, Death Gun thinks he’s won here. They don’t have his name so he’s able to continue without being caught. This makes me question the authorities capabilities. They have a list of Laughing Coffin members/SAO survivors, which means the list of culprits is narrowed down significantly. All they’d have to do is investigate or monitor the actions of this small group of people and it’d be clear who he was. Regardless, Kirito will surely put an end to his terror! Even if his back against the wall, Kirito will always prevail.

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