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Sword Art Online II Episode 13 – Not Today!

Well, we learned quite a bit this episode! I enjoy how everything was set up. They dropped small details throughout the season that would be used in the Death Gun case. But, with that said, I still found a couple of moments too cheesy for my tastes.Asuna Yuki Sword Art Online 2

First of all, I still can’t get over how Kirito and Asuna have a “family” together and take it so seriously. I guess the line between reality and virtual world has blurred quite a bit as a result of SAO. But, I just can’t see two teenagers (nearly adults) taking their family situation so seriously. I get it’s one thing to play house in the game, but carrying Yui around on a phone felt a bit overboard to me.

Sword Art Online II Episode 13 Review Asuna

On top of that, the nurse warns of Kirito possibly suffering from dehydration if this keeps up. Yet, the whole purpose of putting Kirito in the hospital was so he could be monitored throughout the dive. What was the point of having the nurse around if she’s not actually going to do anything?

Sword Art Online II ep 13 Summary Kirito vs Death Gun

Either way, we finally conclude the Death Gun battle. Although Death Gun has a clear advantage, he never manages to land any fatal blows on Kirito. He loses his edge once Kirito catches him off guard by remembering his name. The illusion of Death Gun has been broken, and his fate was sealed regardless. They had his information, and Kirito was safe (assuming the nurse doesn’t sit there with her finger in her nose). Death Gun would be tracked down soon after the tournament and he has no where to run.

Sword Art Online II Bullet of Bullets Winner

After defeating Death Gun, Sinon has a weight lifted from her shoulders. She opens up a lot more and actually has quite the bubbly personality! Meeting Kirito has taught her how to move on from the past and face whatever comes her way. They decide to call it a draw, since obviously, Kirito can’t lose and we also can’t have him beating a girl! I still find it a bit naive of Kirito to assure her that she was safe though. A murderer will just leave because you killed “him” in a video game!

Shinkawa Assaulting Shino Ep 13 Post

Sinon finally wakes up and is glad to see Shinkawa greet her. She’s conquered her fears and has defeated a killer! But Shinkawa isn’t just there to congratulate her, he was completely obsessed with her. Frankly, I think Shinkawa had a real shot with her, but he came on just a tad too strong. The way he brought up the topic was a huge red flag. Rather than casually bring it up and give her a bit of space, he lets his emotions take over and becomes possessive.

Sword Art Online II 13 Discussion Creepy Shinkawa

While the scene was uncomfortable to watch, I can see where Shinkawa’s character comes from. It seems like a lot of people in this series have given up on the real world. With such realistic virtual worlds,why not? Shinkawa was completely obsessed with GGO and decides to get revenge because of Zexceed even though they never directly interacted.

Crazy Shinkawa SAO 2 ep 13

People like to escape reality since they tend to be in full control of their dream worlds. By living in GGO or SAO, people are able to live out their fantasies. Shinkawa felt like he had no control over his own life and thus, resided in GGO where he could become the best. In the end, he’s a coward who just wants to run away from the real world.

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