Sword Art Online II Episode 16 Review

Sword Art Online II Episode 16 – The One

Looking back, I was probably being a bit too critical of this arc of Sword Art! I blame me lashing out on the fact that I watched episode 15 in the middle of the night and on the verge of passing out. With that said, I actually found myself enjoying episode 16 quite a bit more than I thought I would.

Sword Art Online 2 Episode 16 Review Kirito Dual Wield

Even though the entire episode was player versus environment, we still got to see some flashy plays from Kirito. He’s not in Sword Art Online anymore, so technically he can’t dual wield. But that doesn’t stop him from being a right/left one-handed swordsman! Leave it to Kirito to do the impossible, and surprise everyone. I guess since this is a game after all, there are some limitations so Kirito can’t just freely wield two swords. He has to find a loophole in the laws of the game so he can continue to be unique.

SAO 2 Ep 16 Blog Post Silica

While Kirito stole the spotlight, it was nice to see everyone take down the boss as one unit. It reminded of my own MMORPG days, going on boss raids with my guild and friends. Everyone has a specific assigned role, and a strategy that they need to stick to in order to take down the boss. Even Yui plays a role in their victory. She’s able to deliver intel to Kirito on the game environment, and basically help them cheat the system.

Sword Art Online S2 Episode 16 Summary

As I mentioned before, I thought it was a bit weird that Kirito and the gang would still be hanging around ALO. I mean, Sugou was in charge of the game and had some creepy intentions with it. I thought it was interesting to note that the game auto-generates new quests. Even if the head company was involved in that scandal, the game can still continue to exist without them.

Season 2 Sword Art Online ep 16 Klein

Either way leave it to Klein to go off and save a damsel in distress. The poor guy is just lonely, especially when he’s in a group of girls and none of them even look at him! I’m not too sure how their game dynamics work, but I figure for most games, you’d have to talk to the NPC regardless in order to start the quest chain. It could very well be a trap, but hey, a game is supposed to be challenging anyways.

Sword Art Online II Ep 16 Impressions Frejya

Saving Frejya helps the storyline make more sense too. It gives us some insight on the circumstances surrounding the quest’s story. It also follows the norse mythology (which I’m not familiar with) that it’s based on more closely. It looks like we’ll need a bit more time to close out this arc, but a boss battle appears to be approaching. At least we should be getting some decent action scenes next week!

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