Sword Art Online II Episode 17 Review

Sword Art Online II Episode 17 – Thor

We continue with Kirito’s quest for Excalibur. But first, he must deal with this giant before him. Since there wasn’t too much development this episode, rather than review it, I’ll just add some of my personal commentary.

Sword Art Online 2 Episode 17 Review

Watching how Kirito and his friends play games in the future, it makes me appreciate the ability to multitask. For them, their senses are replaced by the virtual environment and they are fully emerged in it. For us, we just have our games on a screen or monitor, and we’re able to alt tab in the middle of a game. I guess this is where Yui comes in handy since they can’t really Google a guide on how to take down Thrym. She can access all of the game’s information and give Kirito the inside strats.

SAO 2 Ep 17 Impressions

The second Frejya mentions her treasure being a golden hammer, I began to question her identity. Poor Klein has to witness his beloved Frejya turn into a giant burly man in front of his own eyes. I guess funnily enough, Klein’s hormones helped them complete the quest. Without Thor taking Thrym’s attention, the gang wouldn’t have completed the quest on time.

Review Sword Art Online S2 Ep 17

I’m thinking that the author must really hate Klein or something. The poor guy just can’t catch a break. First the woman he was chasing after turns out to be a dude (and a NPC…) and now he’s rewarded with an item he can’t even use! To add insult to injury, Kirito get’s a lot of love from his harem and all Klein can do is sit and envy him.

Sword Art Online Excalibur Arc

Leafa was awfully touchy with her onii-chan. Sure, I get it, they want to celebrate the quest completion, but did they really need to have such a close, and emotional embrace in front of everyone?

Sword Art 2 Episode 17 Impressions

Kirito is about to give up on Excalibur when he can no longer hold onto it. But now Sinon sees her chance to win some of his affection. Maybe she isn’t up to speed regarding the Kirito and Asuna situation, but it’d be nice if someone filled her in. She makes a pretty romantic request, despite the fact that they’re not really going anywhere. Wouldn’t it be weird to constantly think about Sinon while wielding your sword, even though she’s playing the game alongside you.

Thoughts on Sword Art Online 2 Episode 17

I have to feel for Asuna at the end of all of this. She mentioned she was heading back to Kyoto and her last moments with Kirito were shared with his other cheerleaders. She couldn’t even get any alone time since Kirito decided to exploit everyone to help him retrieve the ultimate weapon! While I’m not that fond of the arc, it did have it’s moments, and was a nice change of pace. I’m looking forward to the promised Mother Rosario arc which was highly regarded!

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