Sword Art Online II Episode 2 – Thoughts

We get a glimpse into a world without Kirito! The majority of the episode gave us a better understanding of the GGO world and learning a bit more about Sinon’s personality.

SAO II episode 2 impressions GGO terrain

I have to say I really enjoyed this episode. It was quite a contrast to the previous one where it was mostly talking and setting up the next mission. The entire episode is action based as we accompany Sinon on one of her missions in GGO. The way the episode was directed, it felt as if I were playing a FPS myself with the UI and gorgeous backgrounds being displayed. I found myself being immersed in the world due to the way they set up everything (from the characters, atmosphere, animation, and art).

Sword Art Online II episode 2 review Sinon vs minigun

While I enjoyed the battle, I don’t have much else to say about it. All of the other characters seem irrelevant aside from Sinon. It was flashy and served it’s purpose of explaining the game and introducing us to Sinon. It was a bit odd that the other players were so scared of dying within the game. As far as they’re concerned, there aren’t any real world penalties for death at this point. Instead of playing the game out, they’d rather just rage quit! Perhaps there are some in-game penalties like death timers, item loss and what not which weren’t explained.

Sword Art Season 2 episode 2 review Sinon real life

From watching Sinon play, we get to see a bit of her personality. She doesn’t play with her real life friends and seems to connect better with the strangers on the internet. I guess that’s why she’s a sniper, since being a lonewolf kind of suits her personality. The people she plays with seem to have some respect for her and her capabilities in the game. She’s also striving to become stronger. Her desire to reach the top will likely be a set up for another Death Gun encounter in the future.

Sword Art online season 2 ep 2 impression Kirito ALO

Kirito does make an appearance in the end of the episode. The entire first episode was leading him into joining GGO but that has yet to happen at this point. Kirito and his harem are still fiddling around in ALO during their spare time. I found it amusing that Asuna and him just sign in to lay around. Also the fact that they’re still playing this game despite what Sugou creating the game to manipulate its users was worth noting to me.

Sword Art Online S2 ep 2 Asuna ALO

While this episode was action packed, I have a feeling things will slow down a bit at this point. We got a glimpse into the GGO game, but now we get back to the main focus of the story. Kirito needs to join the game and explore the world himself, which could take some time. Regardless, I’ve been enjoying this second season of SAO thus far and look forward to the rest of the season!

You can watch Sword Art Online II episode 2 on Crunchyroll, Daisuki, and Youtube.

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