Sword Art Online II Episode 20 Review Asuna ALO

Sword Art Online II Episode 20 – Knights

Well, we figure out what Yuuki’s objective is and where she’s taking Kirito’s beloved Asuna to! I have to say, it’s a breath of fresh air not having the series focus solely on the almighty Kirito all the time.

Konno Yuuki Sleeping Knights Guild

The Sleeping Knights guild is comprised of a close knit group of members. They all met online, but it seems they have the same passion for the game. Their goal is to have their names engraved forever within this virtual world, to leave a lasting memory, and their mark on this world. They know that they can’t stick together forever, but they want to engrave this one moment into eternity.

Sword Art Online 2 Episode 20 Review Yuuki

Seeing how Asuna gave Yuuki the hardest time (aside from Kirito), they extend an invitation to her to join them. Even though Kirito isn’t around, I like how Asuna has to remind us all about how awesome he is. Even though Kirito is the greatest, he seems to have discovered something about Yuuki, and thus making him less of an ideal candidate.

Sword Art Season 2 Episode 20 Summary

Asuna is all set to embark on a new adventure, that is if her mommy lets her. From her tone of voice, I’d say she genuinely cares about Asuna. Her actions may be a little misguided, but she has a right to be concerned for her. Asuna seems pretty depressed with all of her nagging though. She’s been isolated all her life, being a rich girl and all. It doesn’t seem like she has any close friends she can turn to. She’s close to Kirito’s harem, but she met them through Kirito, perhaps making her feel like an outsider. Now her mom is threatening to take away the first real friends that she has made.

Sword Art Online S2 Episode 20 Synopsis

Asuna has found her groove once again with the Sleeping Knights. She seemed so lively and energetic, being able to pass on her wisdom and expertise. She also has a chance to be a leader once again. She’s been the one primarily giving out orders to the guild members. It’s a change of pace for her, but it’s been a while since she’s played an MMO for fun.

Sword Art Online 2 Episode 20 Impressions Kirito Stealing the Spotlight

Of course, Kirito has to make an appearance at the end. Whenever there’s a seemingly impossible task at hand, you know Kirito will be the one who butts in. I mean, this arc isn’t even about him, yet he has to try and steal the spotlight away!

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