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Sword Art Online II Episode 23 – Dream

I think jumping out of your chair counts as a sudden movement… but that’s just me.

Kirito manages to come through (as always) and completed the camera lens for Yuuki. While the majority of the episode is Asuna parading around the school with her new friend, we actually learn a lot about the two girls.

Sword Art Online 2 Ep 23 Reaction Yuuki's World

It must have been difficult for Yuuki to attend school. With the AIDS virus, being around others would expose her to infection risks. She probably didn’t have many (if any) friends since she couldn’t get close to them. In this academy though, everyone is treating her as if she was a normal student. The teachers are giving her an opportunity to participate and the other students are treating her like a transfer student.

Sword Art Online S2 Episode 23 Synopsis Asuna showing Yuuki around

After school, Asuna makes use of the camera and decides to take Yuuki to everywhere that she has wanted to go to. Asuna pressures Yuuki to continue naming places as a way to kill time. Yuuki is able to find peace by seeing her precious memories once again. While part of her wants to make Yuuki happy, it seems like she wants to stall for time and avoid returning home. She’s still unsure of how to convey her feelings to her mother, and turns to Yuuki for advice.

Yuuki comforting Asuna

Asuna’s sitting here, worrying about her first world problems while Yuuki’s days are numbered. In the end, life is short, so why live with regrets. Rather than worry about how someone will react, Yuuki encourages Asuna to just go ahead and say what she feels. She’ll never know if she doesn’t try, and in all honesty what’s the worst that can happen? Her mother would say no and continue trying to force her to change schools, which is no different from the current situation.

Sword Art Online S2 Ep 23 Summary Kyouko diving in

The two of them are speaking from completely different perspectives, making their words fall on deaf ears. Her mom being such a career focused woman probably has never even considered the world Asuna was living in. Asuna also probably couldn’t understand where her mom was coming from, who honestly seemed to want the best for her daughter.

Baby Asuna Yuuki

Perhaps it was easier for Asuna to talk to her mother behind her strong avatar, or putting her mother in her shoes helped her words get through. Her grandparents always supported her mother, no matter what she did. They were proud of her success, but wanted a place for her to return to if she wanted to get away from the stressful lifestyle. Financial success isn’t everything in life, and Asuna would rather spend her time doing whatever brings her happiness. Hearing her grandparent’s words touched Kyouko and made her change her mind regarding Asuna.

Asuna taking Yuuki to school SAO 2 Ep 23 Impressions

While there’s still one episode remaining, the Mother Rosario arc has to be my favorite so far. The plot wasn’t the main focus. Instead, Asuna got some much needed development. She went from this proud solo player back in SAO, to a damsel in distress, and never really found herself afterwards. She was a support player in ALO, but was never as prominent as she was back in her SAO days. Through meeting Yuuki, she was able to figure out what was important to her and finally pursue it.

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