Sword Art Online II Episode 4 – The Trap!

Kirito finally enters GGO and surprise surprise, his avatar is quite feminine. I liked how they portrayed the plights that gaming females are likely to encounter. You can’t go on for long periods of time without being approached or harassed by the other players!

Sword Art Online II ep 4 review Sinon Shino

The atmosphere of GGO gives off a grungy feel. The game is inhabited by mostly men, and ruthless ones at that considering the nature of the game. Sinon really stands out from the rest of the players with her appearance. Not only is she a girl, she’s the only brightly covered avatar in an otherwise dull environment. This makes it easy for Kirito-chan to spot her and finally merge their two stories together.

Sword art season 2 sinon

Sinon from the previous episodes seemed disinterested in her fellow peers. She played the game only to get better and to carry out her missions. It seems that she’s let her guard down because of Kirito’s appearance and actually opens up to another player. I guess this is the first time she’s had a female companion. She’s had a rough childhood and currently seems to only have Kyouji as a friend in the real world. She seems to actually be enjoying herself by accompanying Kirito-chan as he starts out in the game.

SAO 2 ep 4 Kirito Sinon light saber

I felt a bit bad for Sinon since she’s trying her best to steer this new player in the right direction. The almighty Kirito can do the exact opposite, defy all logic, and still be superior to the rest of the players. Poor Sinon is trying her hardest to share her knowledge and passion with Kirito, and all he wants to do is play around with a flashy light saber.

Shino gun gale online

Despite being afraid of guns, Sinon really seems to enjoy GGO. She has a wealth of knowledge in weaponry and could talk about it for hours. Even though Kirito seems clueless to everything, Sinon continues wanting to tell and show him more. I guess she just really wanted someone with similar interests as her so she could talk to them. Perhaps she put up a wall within the game since GGO is primarily a sausage-fest. Seeing a fellow “girl”, she’s able to open up and actually enjoy herself.

Gun Gale Online Kirito Shooting

Again, despite there not being much action, I found this episode to be pretty entertaining. Kirito having to suck up his pride and play a ditzy new gamer girl was mildly entertaining. I guess we’ll also see Kirito school kids in this game with a sword yet again, despite it being a shooter (gotta keep “Sword Art” relevant!).

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