Sword Art Online II Episode 5 – Gun & Sword

I still can’t get over the fact that they named the events “bullets of bullets”. Either way Kirito and Sinon have finally made their way to the event. Kirito is as skeptical as ever and refuses to divulge any information on himself when it comes to the registration. While he’s not participating for the money, he seemed wary of leaking out his information (as should everyone when it comes to the internet!).

Sword Art Online II ep 5 review Sinon Changing

I guess Kirito’s little charade didn’t last long. His loyalty to Asuna prevents him from putting himself in a risque situation with Sinon. I found it a bit funny since it’s not like that’s actually her body being exposed, but just an avatar in an online game. Yet she becomes all flustered when her pixels are exposed.

Sword Art Online s2 ep 5 discussion Sinon Angry

After finding out Kirito’s gender, Sinon puts up the cold shoulder to him. Shino probably would have been too quiet to do anything, but Sinon is the opposite. I guess she felt betrayed since Kirito did lead her on a bit with his act. She shuts down once she realizes she’s in the presence of a guy and refuses to communicate any further. Kirito observes her change in personality when she’s “on her own” in GGO. She seemed like a normal girl when she’s around someone she trusts (Spiegel or another “girl”) but does a complete 180 when she isn’t. She was exhibiting some psychopathic tendencies, wanting to kill everyone above her which makes Kirito question who she really is.

SAO 2 Kirito GGO

Kirito’s caught the attention of Death Gun already. He doesn’t typically play these games, so he relies on the swords that he loves so much. Death Gun seems to have been monitoring the matches, trying to find their next target, when Kirito’s swordsmanship caught his eye.

Sword Art Online s2 episode 5 blog Death Gun

I like how they’re connecting Death Gun back to Aincrad. He too is a survivor of SAO and once faced Kirito, which left him with the memory of Kirito’s amazing sword skills. The Laughing Coffin enjoyed committing murders in the virtual world since it’s hard to be held accountable for it. They could take pleasure in killing others but since it took place in a game, it’s hard for them to be prosecuted for it. I guess after escaping SAO, one of these members wanted to continue their hobby, and thus created the Death Gun persona in a new game.

Sinon GGO

Kirito had some suspicions on Sinon being Death Gun. This was further fueled by the fact that he didn’t see her in the lobby (or in the matches) once Death Gun appeared. It should be pretty clear for Kirito though at this point that they are not the same person though. He showed Sinon his name earlier and she’s seen him wield his blade. She didn’t have any obsessive reactions to either of these like Death Gun does.

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