Sword Art Online II Episode 8 Review

Sword Art Online II Episode 8 – BoB

Bless Kirito’s inability to read the email regarding the rules as it gives Sinon a chance to explain things to the viewers! The remaining players are thrown into a battle royale where the last man (woman, or trap) is the victor.

Sword Art Online 2 Episode 8 Review

Despite being on a top secret, super important mission, Kirito is taking it easy in GGO. Using his appearance to win the hearts of yet another MMO! He’s also a bit clingy to Sinon. He appears hopeless, despite being well adept at games, which makes it hard for Sinon to ignore him. Even though she appears annoyed, Sinon looks like she really enjoys talking about the game in depth.

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As the series progresses, Sinon is finding herself drawn to Kirito. He’s had a traumatic experience in the past, just like herself, yet he’s able to be overcome his fears. Kirito is someone she can relate to, but who is also stronger than her. Even though she plays with a lot of top rated players, the disparity between them wasn’t as great as Kirito’s (he’s just a step below Tatsuya). She always finds herself being overpowered by him, and wants to see how she really compares in a fair match. I guess it’s a combination of admiration, and relatability that will make Sinon join Kirito’s harem (of broken dreams).

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After narrowing down the pool of Death Gun candidates, Kirito uses the entire tournament to scope them out. Since Pale Rider was defeated by Death Gun, he’s definitely not the murderer. Gunner X sounds like the username that a kid would use, so I’ll rule him out as well. Either way, Kirito has narrowed it down between the remaining two new users.

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Kirito was pretty skeptical regarding Death Gun’s ability to actually kill people in game and in real life. However, he’s actually pretty concerned for Pale Rider’s safety at this point. It’s interesting that Death Gun shot Pale Rider with a stun bullet first, rather than finishing him off right away. Logically, a silly ritual shouldn’t be significant, but Death Gun has always carried out his killings with the same weapon. When he killed XeXeeD, he didn’t even have to shoot him directly. It makes me question the conditions that have to be met for him to kill since the two cases are inconsistent.

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I guess next week we’ll see if Kirito and Sinon can foil his plan. Overall, I’m enjoying the action of Sword Art, and the character development. Although I find it to be a bit cheesy at times, I won’t deny that it’s fun to watch. Unfortunately, there isn’t a whole lot to discuss in many of these posts since it’s either a game related explanation (which I don’t find noteworthy) or action (which is hard to comment on).

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