Sword Art Online II Episode 9 Review

Sword Art Online II Episode 9 – Desu Gun

It’s nice that Kirito’s cheer squad gets some more screen time. Up until this point, all they knew was that Kirito had taken time off from ALO to play this game. Klein and Asuna quickly notice who Death Gun is and appear to be pretty traumatized as well (not as much as Kirito). I thought it was a bit weird that they couldn’t recall his username. But, I guess after spending two years in a “life or death” game, you tend to remember the good and suppress the bad memories.

Sword Art Online 2 Ep 9 Review

Death Gun carries out another one of his murders on Pale Rider. The circumstances surrounding the execution was consistent with what happened to XeXeed. They were both shot with the same pistol, and then shortly disconnected from the game afterwards. There seems to be certain conditions that need to be met (which requires prep time) in order for this to work though. Death Gun had Dyne laying there, but didn’t execute him, or go for Sinon & Kirito nearby. Maybe they weren’t on his hitlist, but being an aspiring serial killer, you’d think he would take any opportunities he gets.

Sword Art Online II anime ep 9

Kirito manages to display some of his flashy swordsmanship as they pursue Death Gun. Leave it to Kirito to move faster than the speed of a bullet! His sword skills were so impressive, that he managed to leave an impression on Death Gun (who’s developed a complete obsession for Kirito now).

Sword Art Online II episode 9 Sinon trauma

At the end of the episode, Sinon gets snuck up on by Death Gun himself. Upon closer inspection, she discovers that his pistol is the same one that led to her trauma. Upon this realization, the world of GGO merges with the real world. It’s no longer just a game in her mind. She was able to wield guns in the past since she drew a clear mental distinction between the virtual world and the real world. But now, she’s lost her escape from reality because of this breakdown.

Sword Art Online Best Girl Sinon

Even though Sinon’s fate seemed grim, I still don’t think that this will be the end of her. I don’t think any significant characters have actually “died” thus far in SAO, which makes me doubt Sinon will be different. Kirito being in the vicinity is also likely to come and save the day.

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