Summer 2014 anime season week 6

Summer 2014 Anime Week 6

Once again, I’ve been falling behind on my series. But fear not! I’m attempting on catching up on everything to write my mid-season review (hopefully this weekend). Until then though, I’ll be posting my ramblings on Re: Hamatora episode 6, Barakamon episode 6, and Ao Haru Ride episode 6. (more…)

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Summer 2014 Anime Week 2

We’re on to the second week of the summer 2014 anime season, and I’m here with another roundup (or ramblings) post. It’s a bit short this week, mainly because I’ve been preoccupied with assignments (1 more week until the end of my final semester of university!). For this week, I’m sharing my thoughts on Re: Hamatora episode 2, Ao Haru Ride episode 2, and Barakamon episode 2. (more…)

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