Sword Art Online II Episode 9 Review

Sword Art Online II Episode 9 – Desu Gun

It’s nice that Kirito’s cheer squad gets some more screen time. Up until this point, all they knew was that Kirito had taken time off from ALO to play this game. Klein and Asuna quickly notice who Death Gun is and appear to be pretty traumatized as well (not as much as Kirito). I thought it was a bit weird that they couldn’t recall his username. But, I guess after spending two years in a “life or death” game, you tend to remember the good and suppress the bad memories. (more…)

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Sword Art Online II Episode 6 – PTSD!

This episode starts off with a “flashback” to Kirito’s days in SAO. From the first season, we saw that he did have a few run-ins with the Laughing Coffin guild. However, they didn’t really show where his fear off the guild came from. If I remember correctly, the only LC member Kirito killed was Kuradeel who was a jerk anyways and didn’t seem to cause him any mental anguish. (more…)

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Sword Art Online II Episode 5 – Gun & Sword

I still can’t get over the fact that they named the events “bullets of bullets”. Either way Kirito and Sinon have finally made their way to the event. Kirito is as skeptical as ever and refuses to divulge any information on himself when it comes to the registration. While he’s not participating for the money, he seemed wary of leaking out his information (as should everyone when it comes to the internet!). (more…)

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