Tokyo Ghoul Episode 10 Review Aogiri

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 10 – Aogiri

Everything is beginning to fall into place. Rize’s appearance in the 20th ward has caused a domino effect for the ghouls and humans. CCG has increased their presence in certain wards, while Aogiri has begun mobilizing to assert their dominance over the humans.

Tokyo Ghoul Ep 10 review Banjou

Banjou is a member of the Aogiri Tree, but not by his own free will. He isn’t very strong himself, and thus, has no choice but to follow Ayato. Banjou is like a small dog with a loud bark. He knows that he doesn’t compare to the other ghouls, so he compensates with this tough guy persona. He has his own personal agenda though. Rize’s appearance made an influence on his life, and now he just wants to see her again. Aogiri is searching for her, so this works out in both of their best interests.

Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki Lying

There was a bit of a lull after Rize’s death. Ghouls and the doves were making their moves, but once Rize vanished, things kind of fizzled out. Now that there were rumors about Rize’s whereabouts, and that a ghoul has Rize’s scent, they have begun moving once again. It kind of makes you wonder, what kind of person Rize was, and why is she so sought after. Here we have all of these organized groups of ghouls/humans, and Rize just wants to enjoy her life by indulging in her desires.

Tokyo Ghoul Ayato vs Touka

Ayato and Yamori are both part of Aogiri Tree as well, yet they appear to be on different pages. Ayato was clearly displeased with Yamori’s appearance, and how he was acting in Anteiku. Ayato was once a part of Anteiku, but something must have made him snap. His father was a peaceful man, but as we can see from Aogiri, those without strength are nothing but pawns. Ayato chooses to embrace that, and decides to fight for what he believes he deserves.

Tokyo Ghoul Touka Ayato Fight

Touka, on the other hand, respects her father’s wishes and tries to live a peaceful life. No human or ghoul is more entitled to live than another. There is no need to be at constant war with each other since humans and ghouls really aren’t that different from each other. While she can get hot headed at times, for the most part, she just wants to live a normal life.

Tokyo Ghoul Yamori Torturing Kaneki

Yamori shows off his true colors once he catches eye of Kaneki. He’s a sadist and enjoys making others suffer. Rather than straight up kidnap Kaneki, or kill him, he chooses to enjoy himself. It was quite a shock to watch what happened to Kaneki. He’s always avoided hurting others, and yet Yamori is here torturing him just because he can. Now that he’s been kidnapped, one can only begin to imagine what Kaneki is in store for back in Aogiri’s turf.

Tokyo Ghoul Tsukiyama Shuu No Kidding

Kaneki has become a huge part of the Anteiku family. At the start of the series, the only person in his life was Hideyoshi. But now, he has people who care about him and can’t sit idly by as his fate is uncertain. Anteiku has always wanted to keep the peace between ghouls and humans, but now they have no choice. The world isn’t as happy-go-lucky as they would like to believe, and now they’re caught up in this war.

Tokyo Ghoul ep 10 discussion Yamori End Card

It’s a shame that there’s only 2 episodes left for Tokyo Ghoul! Considering that there’s about 25 more chapters to adapt, I don’t think we’ll get to know all of these new characters (Banjou, Juuzou) that welll. Given how the anime has handled the adaptation, I’m thankful that we’ll get to see the battles (to come) animated.

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 10 is available on Funimation (available to free users a week after airing)


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