Tokyo Ghoul Episode 12 Review Kaneki vs Yamori

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 12 (END) – Ghoul

Well, both the anime and manga have concluded for Tokyo Ghoul. Since this was a series that I really loved, I think it’s fitting to do a more indepth discussion post. I’ll go over episode 12 of the anime and then go over my thoughts on the adaptation/anime as a whole. I’ll post my thoughts on the manga series in a separate post once I’ve finished collecting my thoughts.

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 12

Well, I was a bit mistaken. I was positive that they would have skipped over the torture scene (given how last episode ended) but they actually adapted it pretty faithfully to the manga. Yamori’s torture scene was a huge moment for Ken’s character. I gotta give props to Hanae Natsuki, he did an amazing job voicing Ken throughout the series.

Tokyo Ghoul anime review Kaneki Centipede

Kaneki is nothing more than Yamori’s play thing at this point. Having been tormented for so long, he begins hallucinating and seeing Rize once again. Rize’s become a part of him, but he pretty much pushed her aside. Now that he’s at his breaking point, she’s the only one he can “talk” to.

Tokyo Ghoul anime review Kid Kaneki

We learn more about Kaneki’s mom from his hallucinations as well. She was similar to Kaneki. She didn’t have the heart to hurt others, and therefore took on the pain herself. Rather than hurt anyone, she made herself suffer. In the end, she ended up hurting Kaneki by being weak willed. She lost her life and abandoned her child because she didn’t have it in her to turn her sister away.

Kaneki Transformation Tokyo Ghoul

Kaneki’s in a similar position now. He refused to rely on Rize’s powers because he was afraid of hurting people. He says he cares for his friends (Hideyoshi), but his indecisiveness ends up causing them pain. Kaneki finally realizes that he has to embrace change. The world isn’t just going to magically fix itself, he has to take control of his own life and bring change himself. He’s done being a sitting duck and finally embraces his inner ghoul.

Tokyo Ghoul series review Kaneki

Kaneki realizes how naive he was. The entire concept of Anteiku was flawed in this sort of world. The ghouls just sit back and try to co-exist alongside humans. In the end, they just get trampled on as they wait for their fate to arrive. In contrast, we have Aogiri and CCG who are proactive and trying to set their own destiny. Peaceful times have come to an end and everyone is forced to choose sides. Fight to survive, or wait as two massive forces destroy the world.

Tokyo Ghoul Ending Kaneki Eating

While part of me is frustrated that this is how the anime ends, there’s something special about it. It ends similar to how the series started off (end of the first episode). With the OP playing in the background, we have Touka shoving flesh down Kaneki’s throat. Now, we have the new Kaneki about to feast on his own terms. The series ends as it started. The weak are “eaten” by the strong (Kaneki vs Rize, Yamori vs Kaneki). The other special part about the ending is that it leaves you wanting more. There are still so many unresolved conflicts going on, yet we don’t know the outcome of them.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 2 Confirmed

With all that said, I actually remain hopeful of a second season. (Second Season possibly leaked!) They’ve used this entire season to show Kaneki’s transformation, and his story is only just beginning. There’s definitely enough content left for a full second season. The only problem I see is how they’d handle adapting the rest of the series, given how they did change quite a bit from the original material. Regardless, there’s a special announcement for Tokyo Ghoul in the coming weeks, so one can only hope for more!

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 12 is available on Funimation (available to free users a week after airing)

Tokyo Ghoul Anime Review

General Thoughts

I really enjoyed the animation, art, direction and soundtrack used for Tokyo Ghoul. It was amazing to see something I loved so much being brought to life through animation. The voice acting was spot on for all of the characters, and they had beautiful soundtracks to accompany the scenes to help deliver more of an emotional punch. On top of that, I found the story to be captivating as well. Even if it sounds a bit cliche (weak MC who’s given incredible power and dragged into a mess), I found myself wanting to know more about the story and the characters. They introduced all of these different organizations (CCG, Aogiri, High Class Ghouls, Anteiku) and we’ve only just scratched the surface of what their goals are.

Tokyo Ghoul FIght Scenes

On the downside though, I think that the series definitely felt rushed at times. They cut out a lot of small details, explanations, and compacted a lot of events into the 12 episodes. The censoring, I felt, was a bit overboard at times as well. Although this will likely be changed in the blu-ray release, it definitely did detract from my viewing experience. The series as a whole also felt incomplete, since they introduced a bunch of new characters who we barely know, but seem significant.


Tokyo Ghoul Rize Kamishiro

The main thing that comes to mind when I think about the anime, is that it’s main purpose is to advertise the manga. Being only 12 episodes, they chose to make it as flashy as possible, by rearranging material, condensing scenes, and cutting out information in favor of more action sequences. The manga dives deeper into the ghoul world, explaining every unique feature about them. I can see why they left out the majority of this information since it can be a huge turn off to tune into a budget strapped anime and get 5-10 minutes of information dumped onto you. I think in general, the anime was much more enjoyable when one hasn’t been exposed to the manga yet. The way they tell the story of Kaneki Ken varies greatly, which lead to high expectations from the readers.

Kaneki Ken

Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki hallucination

Kaneki as a protagonist is your typical weak character who is suddenly thrown into a whole new world. He struggles to cope with it, which has him coming off as a weak or whiny character. The anime cut out on a lot of his inner monologues and character development (due to budget, time, or not fitting the direction of the series) which made him feel rather useless for the majority of the series. He was given this strength, yet he doesn’t use it at all, and ends up being the one who gets saved all the time. In comparison, Kaneki does actually try to embrace his inner ghoul earlier on, and he tries to become stronger through a variety of means. In particular, he showed a lot of strength within the Aogiri Arc (prior to the torture), which wasn’t shown in the anime.

Tokyo Ghoul anime ending

With all that said, Tokyo Ghoul has easily become my favorite manga series to date. While the anime adaptation did not live up to my expectations, I think it brought the series to life in a way that the manga couldn’t. Seeing the fight scenes beautifully animated, superb voice acting really highlights some key moments within the series. To get the full Tokyo Ghoul experience, I feel that you need to view the two and have them compliment each other. The manga for deeper story, characterization, and the anime for the action!

Feel free to share your thoughts on the Tokyo Ghoul anime, or how you felt about the adaptation!

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6 thoughts on “Tokyo Ghoul Episode 12 (END) – Ghoul

  1. I really loved the manga but I am very divided on the anime. I feel they might have been able to make a more satisfying conclusion if they had cut out episode 9 and then added another episode after this one.

    1. Yeah, 12 episodes definitely wasn’t enough time to properly adapt the manga. I guess the anime served it’s purpose of getting people into the manga though (I marathoned it after watching just the first few episodes!).

      With the second season announced, I’m excited and a bit worried with how they’ll handle it. I really loved how the second half unfolded, but I don’t see how they can adapt it within another 12 episodes considering how they cut out quite a bit of important information.

      Who knows though, maybe they’ll surprise us with a 2-cour second half though and adapt it while remaining faithful to the source.

  2. Just finished Episode 12 today! I have to now give my thoughts which are I did love Tokyo Ghoul. I wasn’t sure if the anime series would close in a satisfying end but the whole process of Kaneki’s transformation was a good closing bookmark to the series.

    Somehow it ended satisfying. Well for me it did. While there could be more seasons it could also just stay the ways it is and be fine. Unlike how Re: Hamatora ended which just finished yesterday while not disappointing did leave one very much confused. It’s sad to say though I still like what Re: Hamatora brought to the Summer 2014. That might just be a sign I am hardcore fan of the anime franchise.

    1. Yeah, I know a lot of people were riled up by the cliffhanger ending, but I like to look at this season of Tokyo Ghoul focusing more on Kaneki’s transformation, and introduction to the “real” world. Going from a weak, sheltered kid, to someone who doesn’t wait for fate, but rather takes action into his own hands.

      As for Re: Hamatora, I feel like there’s a lot I want to say about the series, but it’s really difficult for me to organize my thoughts in a coherent way! The finale was a roller coaster of emotions from me and I’m still not really sure how I feel about it all. I did enjoy the second season more than the first, and I’m glad they tied up the majority of the plot points.

    1. I’m looking forward to it!

      Really curious as to what they’ll be doing with it though since they’re doing an anime original storyline. I’m a bit torn since I LOVED the second half of the series, but Ishida Sui is such a great writer, I’m sure he will do his series justice.

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