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Quite a few things happened this episode, but I’d say it was a bit on the slower side. This episode served as a setup after how explosive the first two episodes were. Several new characters were introduced and we get some more information regarding the ghoul world.

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The police investigators are protecting humanity by eliminating the ghouls within Tokyo. It’s hard to say who the good guys are and who the bad guys are in Tokyo Ghoul. The police treat ghouls as monsters that need to be disposed of. On the other hand, ghouls pose a threat to humanity since they need to consume them. Not all ghouls enjoy eating flesh, but only do it as a means of survival. Some of the officers (Mado in specific), appear to enjoy using cruel and as inhumane methods as possible for dealing with the ghouls.

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So far, we’ve really only seen what it’s like to be a ghoul from one perspective (those who enjoy hunting humans). With the introduction of Hinami, we get to see what it’s like for those who had to grow up as a ghoul. She isn’t able to attend school, likely doesn’t have any friends, and can only rely on her family. Her family doesn’t hunt for their own flesh as well which makes me sympathize with her more. She doesn’t have much to look forward to in life since they remain in the down low the majority of the time.

Touka Studying tokyo ghoul

We also get to learn a bit more about Touka’s life. She was born as a ghoul as well, but she forces herself to attend school and help others. Maybe she just wanted to experience life as a “normal” girl, regardless of her situation. Despite her cold exterior, she really does care about others. Whether they’re a ghoul or human, she helps them out if they’re in need.

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From all of the events and traveling, Kaneki seems to be more at peace with his life now. Seeing Touka, and Hinami’s life, he feels more normal. Even when picked up the corpse with Yomo, he saw how much respect these ghouls give to the dead. It’s similar to farmers who raise animals for their own consumption, and are thankful that their lives help them survive.

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Towards the end, we get to see a bit more to Kaneki’s character. It wasn’t emphasized as much in the anime, but Kaneki is a huge book lover. He’s able to develop a connection with Hinami thanks to their shared interest of learning. He’s always been a somewhat awkward person (in my opinion, based on his date with Rize), but now that he’s accepted himself, he’s able to open up more to others.

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While Kaneki had a rather laid back episode, a lot of commotion had been stirring in the background. The doves have begun invading their territory, and the remaining problem ghouls are moving about. At the end of the episode, it appears “the gourmet” is entering the fray. They’re changing up the story quite a bit from the manga since he doesn’t appear until the next arc. Hopefully, they don’t condense the series too much and throw off the pacing.

Tokyo Ghoul ep 3 impressions

From my understanding, they’re moving along pretty quickly in the series. I’m a bit disappointed that they’re skipping over some minor details that provide more character development, but I can see why they may be doing it. The manga takes things a lot slower, but it would make the anime feel like it’s moving at a snail’s pace. Either way, I’m still enjoying the series thus far and I’m curious to how far they plan on adapting.

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  1. It was a bit slow this episode! I still enjoyed it since you get to see a somewhat more caring side to Kaneki. While I am a big anime fan I also happen to read various types of books and the fact that chracterization like that was done for Kaneki was interesting to see.

    It was still very enjoy worthy. Thanks for continuing to review. I really want to stress how much I am thankful for these very honest reviews and it also gives me time to digest an episode.

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