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We get to see a bit more of Touka’s life outside of Anteiku. Despite her telling Kaneki to keep ghoul life separate from their human lives, she too has human friends that she cares about. She tries to live like a normal girl, no matter how much she has to suffer as a result. Touka forces herself to eat her friend’s food because she values their friendship.

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You’d think that Mr. Tsukiyama would be sending off some stranger danger alarms in Kaneki’s head. His whole demeanor is offsetting and definitely has the characteristics of a psychopath. After getting a good whiff of Kaneki back at the cafe, he decides to stalk him as well. On a more serious note though, Tsukiyama appears to have refined tastes. He lives a luxurious, extravagant lifestyle through his dining and choice of entertainment which I found interesting. Despite being a monster, he want’s to live a high class lifestyle.

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We learn a bit more about Rize this episode as well. She was definitely a special ghoul that had caught the interest of many others. She didn’t care for how other ghouls lived, she lived her life the way she wanted to. Instead of conforming to the elitist gourmets, the pacifists, or the organized criminals (Jason), she enjoyed hunting and eating on her own terms. We also learn that her death was no accident and the culprit will likely play a major role in the future (in the manga at least).

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We also find out that there’s possibly another ghoul similar to Kaneki out there. With half ghouls apparently being superior to normal ghouls, I wonder if it applies to Kaneki as well. There was no doubt Rize was feared and her power was transferred into Kaneki, but does this power rival the legendary half ghouls who were born as hybrids from the beginning.

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The entire restaurant was quite unnerving to watch. We have a bunch of ghouls who act like they’re high class and watch their “food” get tortured. They have no regard for the lives of others what so ever. They sit in the balconies, looking down on their prey (whether it’s humans or ghouls) and act as if they’re a higher life form. While they pretend to be civilized people within their little society, behind their masks and fancy clothing, they’re truly barbaric creatures. I really hope Kaneki isn’t naive enough to buy Tsukiyama’s idea that this was a “joke” and fall into another one of his traps.

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Overall, it was a good episode, but I couldn’t shake the fact that something felt a bit off. The pacing and transitioning between scenes was abrupt at times which made it a bit difficult to follow. I hope that they aren’t rushing things too much or cutting out major details in the story. I know that they’ve changed up the order of the events which I don’t mind too much as long, as they cover everything.

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They’ve also introduced a lot of different points of interest that need to be touched on in the story. We have the ghoul investigators, Jason, and Nishiki still at large. There’s also the creation of Kaneki’s mask that still needs to be touched upon as well. While I don’t expect a closed ending for this series (manga is still on going), I’m hoping that they cover the main plot points that they have started.

Tokyo Ghoul episode 4 is available on Funimation (available to free users a week after airing)



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One thought on “Tokyo Ghoul Episode 4 – Supper

  1. The higher society Ghouls were very unnerving. I think the way that what just seemed out of place is that everyone including Kaneki this episode acted like Rize was somehow good and special. Like her death was tragic.

    I’m not sure but if Kaneki hadn’t survived he would have become her food, so she’s evil. She was like the early on killed main villain.

    That aside think this episode was as good as Episode 2. Maybe better.

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