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Tsukiyama’s greatest downfall was his own twisted mind. Instead of just eating Kimi or Kaneki when he had the chance, he had to set up the perfect occasion which gave them an opportunity to intervene. Once again, the censoring was a bit overboard this episode. It was difficult to understand what exactly happened to Tsukiyama with those beams of light.

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After finishing off Tsukiyama, Touka made the decision to kill Kimi for getting caught up in their mess. Kaneki makes her reconsider by bringing up Yoriko. In the end, Touka is unable to go through with it. There’s just something in her that makes her love humans. While there are humans out there who hunt the ghouls, there are others who treat them as just another person. When Kimi gazed at Touka, she didn’t see a monster, she saw beauty (a fallen angel).

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After they finish dealing with the crazy, we get back to Hinami’s story. I couldn’t shake this sinking feeling from my stomach as I watched the mother and daughter talk about seeing their dad. As they talk about their hopeful wishes, we already know that they won’t be seeing each other again. Hinami cheered up and found the resolve to work hard in order to surprise her father. The overall atmosphere was depressing, despite how happy Hinami was. since we already knew what her father’s outcome was.

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Touka’s been having a rough time since they defeated Tsukiyama. He mentioned how Touka had been stronger in the past during her “wild” days. She ends up holing herself up in her room, questioning if she’s become too soft. By allowing humans into her life, she finds herself holding back a lot of the times. This isn’t a bad thing though. Touka’s able to experience a “normal” life and feel like a regular person because of this. She has friends, a “family”, and goes to school. Because of humans and keeping people close to her, she’s able to experience that “normal” life that she’s always wanted.

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At the end of the episode, Hinami’s strong senses brings her to her “father”. Her mother decides to sacrifice herself for her daughter, as most parents would. Her mother’s chances look grim after being cornered by two experienced ghoul investigators. On top of that, she is not an experienced fighter as well. She’s been relying on Anteiku for flesh, rather than hunting on her own. Her chances of survival are slim unless Kaneki can intervene in time.

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After catching up on the manga, I find myself comparing the two forms of medium pretty frequently. While the anime has really skipped over a lot of details (what exactly are ghouls) and character development, I found myself enjoying how they handled this episode.

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We got to know a bit more about Hinami’s father who wasn’t even present in the manga. Understanding what kind of person he was, it gives us more insight into the Fueguchi family. Hinami’s father lived a dangerous lifestyle in the past, but he’s a changed man. All he wants to do is spend time with his family, as normal people would, and put his past behind him. It also sets up a bit for the next arc by introducing Jason and his sadistic tendencies. He carries a calm demeanor and can be brutal while keeping calm the entire time.

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 6 is available on Funimation (available to free users a week after airing)


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  1. Thanks for the review. I really liked reading it. Probably another one of my favorite episodes. Cloudburst finally showed Touka’s kugane. I looked really pretty and it actually stands out from all the other ghouls have seen even Kaneki’s.

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