Tokyo Ghoul Episode 7 Review

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 7 – Captivity

We pick things up right where we left off. Hinami is able to run into Kaneki and tries to save her mother. At this point, Kaneki hasn’t really fought and can do anything except sit and watch in despair.

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Mado is one sick and crazy man. Using her husband’s Kagune to slaughter the rest of his family. He has no empathy for ghouls. He even acknowledges that Ryouko is weak but doesn’t show her any mercy. He gets a thrill out of torturing these “lesser forms of life”. He sees ghouls as monsters and finds it amusing when they share similar behaviors as humans.

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Touka takes it upon herself to exact revenge against the CCG. The 20th ward had been peaceful up until recently. It primarily consisted of ghouls who blend in with society and live within their means. Touka doesn’t see how someone like Ryouko could be killed. She’s killed on the basis that she’s a ghoul and nothing else. She never hunted for food, and doesn’t cause any disturbances, yet she’s hunted down because of what she is.

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While the scenes with the Amon and the investigators may have seemed a bit slow, they served an important purpose. Up until now, we’ve seen Kaneki being introduced into the ghoul world, seeing things from their perspective. We see that there’s always two sides to every story. Some of these officers are just doing what they believe is right. They carry out their orders, believing that they’re making a difference in the world.

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While killing ghouls seems cruel, we also see what the ghouls have caused. People losing loved ones, children growing up without parents are all common occurrences in this world. Amon finds this to be unfair and messed up. He’s had to deal with losing people around him, and witness broken families.

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Revenge is such a vicious cycle. As Yoshimura mentioned, Touka killed a dove to avenge Ryouko. Amon and the other investigators continue to kill ghouls to avenge their fallen comrades. The process continues to repeat, with no end in sight. However, Kaneki may be the one who can bridge the gap between the two in the future. As cheesy as it may sound, he’s a mix of both, which could make CCG having to reconsider how they treat him.

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The end of the episode had me quite amped up! Touka has set the stage to fight the doves once again, and Kaneki is fed up of being weak. He could only sit and watch Kimi nearly get killed, and he could only sit and watch Ryouko fall to Mado’s hands. He finally dons his mask, and is ready to protect those around him. I’m looking forward to seeing the showdown next week now that the stage has been set!

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 7 is available on Funimation (available to free users a week after airing)


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