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Tokyo Ghoul Episode 8 – Circular

What an explosive episode that was! The last episode ended off with all the ghouls and investigators being ready to take action. We’re able to hop straight into the clash between the ghouls and investigators because of this.

tokyo ghoul hinami crying

Hinami hasn’t grown up like everyone else. While Touka, Kaneki, and Nishiki were all able to live like normal kids, Hinami was kept hidden away from the real world. She doesn’t see the difference between ghouls and humans. She can’t comprehend why ghouls aren’t allowed to live and begins to question her very existence.

tokyo ghoul episode 8 review touka kagune

On the other side, Kaneki and Amon clash. Amon has no sympathy for these ghouls as he’s seen too many of his comrades suffer as a result of them. Touka has also had to witness her own kind being slaughtered by these investigators. Both the ghouls and humans can only see things from their own perspective. Even though they live in the same world, and experience the same emotions, they refuse to coexist with the other.

Episode 8 tokyo ghoul impressions kaneki mask

This is where Kaneki finds his purpose. He’s lived the majority of his life as a human. Since becoming a ghoul, he’s completely neglected his human perspective. He’s been surrounded by ghouls and has learned that they’re no different from humans. After reconnecting with humans, he feels like he needs to be the one to bridge this gap between them. If ghouls and humans treated each other as equals, they’d be able to live together. However, a few bad ghouls, and a few bad humans makes it impossible for the two parties to see eye to eye.

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The entire time while fighting Amon, Kaneki relied on his humanity, rejecting his inner ghoul. This wasn’t enough to make Amon see differently. Kaneki had to embrace who he really was, a half ghoul half human, and show Amon the true nature of ghouls. Not all ghouls are obsessed with harming humans. They can’t control who they are or how they survive, but that doesn’t mean they want to feed on flesh.

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Seeing a ghoul hold back gives Amon a whole new perspective on ghouls. Up until now, he only saw ghouls as monsters who killed indiscriminately. Kaneki sparing his life showed him that perhaps ghouls just want to live. It’s been brought up so many times already, but they can’t help how their body functions. They have to eat flesh in order to survive, whether they like it or not. Amon realizes that ghouls are not so different from humans.

hinami kagune tokyo ghoul

Hinami refuses to fight. All she wants to do is live her life, and protect those close to her. She’s not drawn into the cycle of revenge. Killing Mado isn’t going to bring her parents back, and it’ll only add more fuel to the fire between ghouls and humans. Unfortunately, there was no way to leave that battle without one side being killed. Mado himself was driven by revenge against ghouls, which ultimately lead to his demise.

tokyo ghoul ep 8 synopsis touka shocked

Despite Mado trying to kill them, Touka’s still taken aback from what she learns. She was okay with killing Mado because he had a burning hate for ghouls, and loved to see them suffer. After seeing his ring, she realizes that there are people out there waiting for him. He has a family and was probably fighting for them. He suffered because of a ghoul, which drove him into this insanity. At the end of the day, no one wins, since this vicious cycle just repeats itself.

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Tokyo Ghoul Episode 8 is available on Funimation (available to free users a week after airing)


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4 thoughts on “Tokyo Ghoul Episode 8 – Circular

  1. Like yourself I am a Tokyo Ghoul manga reader first so I am generally finding myself a little disappointed when the episodes come out. I still watch it just for fun though.

    HOWEVER, this episode really stood out on it’s own to me personally. Maybe it’s partly because fight sequences in manga can come across as a little flat … but the fight between Touka, Hinami and Mado really blew me away. It was well animated and engaging although i although I had reread the chapters recently; it felt new.

    On the other hand, I didn’t like the showdown between Kaneki and Amon nearly as much. It felt less powerful than I remember it; although I did like the added dramatic rain.

    1. Yeah, I’m finding myself enjoying the pacing and detail of the manga much more than the anime so far. But, there’s always something magical about seeing your favourite scenes in the manga being brought to life!

      It’s been a while since I’ve read the scene but I agree on the Amon and Kaneki fight. IIRC there was a lot more dialogue between the two which made it a lot more emotional for me.

  2. I think I loved seeing Touka and Hinami fight Mado too. With Kaneki and Amon have to say since he is always holding back it will always seem like his fights are always a little less powerful.

    I loved this episode because it really showed that some ghouls particularly Kaneki fight against their urges to consume human flesh.

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