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Tokyo Ghoul Episode 9 – Birdcage

For the most part, they painted Mado to be a horrible person. He was obsessed with quinques, and never showed an ounce of sympathy for ghouls. After seeing how he and Amon met, it really changed my opinion on him.

Tokyo Ghoul ep 9 Discussion

Even Amon thought Mado was completely nuts when he first met him. But after spending time with him, he learned there was more to Mado than just a lunatic. Mado actually cared for his subordinate, and trained Amon by teaching him the ways of being an investigator. Despite how crazy he was, many people mourned his death. Depending on the perspective, Mado was either a great mentor who died in the line of duty, or a crazy murderer.

Tokyo Ghoul Ep 9 Review Kaneki

Things are starting to return back to normal at Anteiku. Even though Ryouko’s death was unfortunate, that’s just how life is sometimes. They can’t sit there crying themselves to sleep. The only thing they can do is continue living.

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 9 Review

Kaneki is curious to find out more about Rize. She’s become a part of him, yet he doesn’t know anything about her. He’s spent quite a bit of time in the ghoul world now, and has gained insight from a different perspective. At first, he saw Rize as a monster, trying to kill him for her own desires. But after seeing the troubles that ghouls face, maybe there was more to Rize than meets the eye. Unfortunately, Rize is still shrouded in mystery since no one really knew her on a personal level.

Tokyo Ghoul Hideyoshi

Hideyoshi continues to play a fool, but it seems pretty certain that he’s aware of things. Pretending to be an idiot gets people to drop their guard around him, which allows him to gain even more information. From this episode, we can see just how dangerous he can be, when he’s not fooling around.

Tsundere Touka Tokyo Ghoul Anime

Touka appears to have some unresolved issues with her family. Her childhood (from the flashback) seemed pretty normal. She had a loving father, and a younger brother who looked up to her. Yet, she’s become a cold person, who tends to distance herself from others. Deep down, she still wants to have a “family”, but she puts up these mental blocks to prevent herself from getting hurt. Since Kaneki came along though, Anteiku has been a lot more lively and Touka is able to open up a bit more.

Ayato Kirishima Tokyo Ghoul

This episode didn’t have much action, but I guess it can be seen as the calm before the storm. While Anteiku is enjoying their peace, other organizations are ramping up and preparing for action. Aogiri has begun to move and CCG is planning their next strike against the ghouls. Jason is also taking a more proactive approach on closing in on Rize.

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 9 is available on Funimation (available to free users a week after airing)


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