Tokyo Ghoul: Jack Anime Review

Tokyo Ghoul: Jack Anime Review (OVA)

So the OVA has finally been released. It’s been about half a year since we last had any Tokyo Ghoul anime, and let’s just say that Root A left a lot to be desired…

Tokyo Ghoul: Jack Anime Review

To preface, Tokyo Ghoul: Jack is a spin-off series where the main protagonists are Arima Kishou, the death god of the CCG and Fura Taishi, a high level CCG member in the main series. The series takes place back in Arima’s high school days, as a rising star within the CCG, but yet to become their pocket ace.

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Fura was just your normal high school kid who suffered an injury while playing baseball, his main passion. Since the injury, he basically quit playing, ended up hating his life and quit school while becoming a delinquent. He founded a bike gang with his friends, but after a falling out, he took his exit and returned back to school.

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One night as his friends are riding around town, stirring up trouble, they encounter a ghoul known as Lantern. Fura arrives too late and is unable to do anything as he watches his childhood friend die right in front of him. Luckily, Arima arrives in time and manages to fend off Lantern.

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Fura vows to avenge his friends and seeks out Arima to help him track down Lantern and kill them. They team up with a girl in their class, Minami, after saving her from being attacked by a ghoul. The three of them work as a cohesive unit where Minami feeds them intel, Arima hunts the ghouls down, and Fura acts as the bait.

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They end up being lured to an abandoned building tracking down Yamori (Jason) where Arima and Fura end up being separated. Minami reveals to Arima that she was Lantern all along and decides to make one final stand. It seems that she was suspecting that Arima was aware of this all along and knew that her time was coming up.Arima is wounded by her but manages to take her down with relative ease, while saving Fura from Yamori at the same time.

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All she wanted to do was to live a normal life and envied hated Fura and his friends for taking their life for granted. These kids thought that they had a rough life and wanted to just stir up trouble because their life sucks. For her though, she has to hide who she really is and prey on her fellow peers. If these kids can’t be grateful for what they have, she decided to take it away from them.

After this whole incident, we move back to present day where Arima has become the most valued member within the CCG and Fura is a high ranking officer. We got a glimpse into the past of these investigators. For the most part, we saw the story being told from a ghoul’s perspective in the main story. From this, we can see that the investigators aren’t all psychopaths and experience the same emotions and worries that the ghouls do.

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Overall, I thought Tokyo Ghoul: Jack was well adapted, albeit a bit rushed. Fura and Arima’s relationship felt a bit forced with how quickly everything progressed. Fura instantly begins following Arima around and the two are just suddenly best pals. There were also some finer details that were skipped out on that might leave some viewers questioning the plot holes.

I really enjoyed seeing Arima at a younger age, before he became this invincible god. While he was still strong, we can see that he does have some emotions and had some slight vulnerabilities. He really is a strange guy with odd quirks. He doesn’t show a lot of emotion and he always remains calm, no matter the situation. He even admits that he wants to live a normal life, but being given this incredible gift, he has no choice but to use it to better humanity.

Young Arima Kishou

There are still a lot of questions surrounding Arima, such as where is he from? How did he become so powerful? Why did he decide to hunt ghouls? He mentioned that he has never had a conversation with a ghoul before which opens up even more questions as to why he chooses to hunt them as well.

While the episode was a bit cliche (guy gets caught up in something that he shouldn’t have and follows along for the ride), I think it was a great adaptation overall and helped enhance the main series as well. We have limited screen time to cover all of the characters of Tokyo Ghoul, but having all of these spin-offs help us better understand the characters and build up their character. I look forward to the next OVA (Pinto), focused on Tsukiyama and his meeting of Chie Horie (plays a bigger role in Tokyo Ghoul:re)

Rating 7/10 – Great OST, decent animation, excellent fight scenes and good character development for Arima and Fura.


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