Tokyo Ghoul S2 Episode 10 Review Raid

Tokyo Ghoul S2 Episode 10 – Review

Everything Yoshimura has worked so hard for has fallen to pieces. With the raid winding down, victory is in sight for the CCG.

Touka Kirishima End Card

There isn’t a whole ton to discuss about this episode since the majority of it was battle scenes. I think the animations, in particular, the special effects could have been a bit better. Nonetheless, it was still decently animated. There was a lack of action towards the middle of the season, but lucky for us, the last arc of this season is filled with action!

Tokyo Ghoul Root A Episode 10 Review

Koma manages to draw the attention of a higher ranking CCG member. While him and his devil ape gang were able to subdue the other members, he’s unable to overpower this man with the marvelous mustache. After giving it his all, he ends up falling to him. With his fate seemingly sealed, he’s already prepared for death.

Tokyo Ghoul S2 Ep 10 Reaction Irimi Death

Irimi on the other side was able to keep up with the investigators until an unexpected civilian shows up. An old lady who didn’t evacuate gets caught in the crossfire. Tunneling on his revenge, Hachikawa ignores the old woman’s safety and uses her as bait for Irimi. While she’s killed countless of humans in the past, and even during this battle, she can’t let a bystander get hurt.

She’s spent her entire life taking away lives. Even if it’s an old lady, who doesn’t have much time left, Irimi is still glad that she could sacrifice her life for another person. Both her and Koma got exactly what they signed up for. They were prepared to face their sins and die in this battle alongside their beloved manager.

Tokyo Ghoul A Ep 10 Reaction Kaneki Finger Crack

The stage had been set, except for one unaccounted factor, Kaneki. He’s not ready to lose the life that he had cherished at Anteiku. After spending the entire first season sitting back, he witnessed a lot of pain and despair as important people were ripped from his life.

Kaneki Anteiku Raid

He sacrificed his normal life at Anteiku, and put himself through the torment of cannibalism in order to gain power. We can see how far the Kaneki from the start of the series has come. Losing Ryouko, watching innocent lives being slaughtered for his sake, and the torture from Jason, he realized that if he wants to protect those close to him, he has to do it himself. He has managed to save 2 lives which he should be happy with. Saving Yoshimura is nearly impossible given the amount of CCG members surrounding him, yet he refuses to back down at this point.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 2 Episode 10 Last Rain Summary

Juuzou ends up being a vital piece in the Owl operation. His unpredictability and battle sense allows the CCG to gain the upper hand. In a battlefield, you can prepare strategies as much as you want but you never know what could go wrong. With so many individuals taking part, and an outside factor being involved, timing and execution will have varied results. This is why Juuzou excels, he fights on his instincts and can adapt to any given situation.

Tokyo Ghoul 2 Ep 10 Reaction Yoshimura Death

Yoshimura finally succumbs to his wounds. As his conscience is fading, his life begins flashing before his eyes. He manages to see all the lives that he has changed, as well as his beloved Yukina one more time. Everyone seems to have become happier and lived a better life with the sole exception of Kaneki. Everyone was able to find their place at Anteiku, except for Kaneki who seems to be even more lost towards the end.

Amon Anteiku Raid

With Yoshimura being subdued, everyone begins to celebrate. The Owl had been the bane of CCG’s existence for the longest time. Mission accomplished, everyone is glad to see the day. Kaneki and Touka are crushed though. They came all this way to protect and fight alongside Yoshimura, but the battle is already over. What was the point in coming all the way here? Kaneki is now caught in the mess and is the next target set for extermination.

Real One Eyed Owl King

While everyone is busy celebrating, their celebrations are cut short by the sudden appearance of the real One-Eyed Owl. This one appears to be unstable and more beast like than Yoshimura was. This is also the same Owl that completely wiped out squads in the past, so in reality, the battle has only just begun.

Touka End Credits

There are only 2 episodes remaining for this season of Tokyo Ghoul, and I’m still curious as to how they’ll tie it all together. Touka’s presence during the raid is anime original, but with the way the series has shaped up so far, the manga is still being followed closely. They didn’t touch on a lot of important aspects, if that’s the case, to set up for the finale.

Synopsis Tokyo Ghoul Root A Ep 10

I don’t really see how the manga’s ending would fit the anime for Tokyo Ghoul, especially since they cut out a lot of Kaneki’s character interactions and development. They also removed a lot of the set up by taking out details surrounding a number of characters. I guess one of my issues with this season would have to be how they handled the secondary characters like Kuro, Shiro, Shachi and Naki. While they’re important to the story, the anime brushed over their details, making their appearances seem almost pointless. There’s only 2 episodes left, and I can’t see them playing a significant role in this final arc of the series.

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