Tokyo Ghoul S2 Episode 11 Review

Tokyo Ghoul S2 Episode 11 – Review

Now that the real Owl has made their appearance, the momentum has completely swung against the CCG.

Unlike Yoshimura, this Owl isn’t a pushover. Upon entering the battle, they completely slaughter the CCG forces in an instant. Yoshimura also maintained a somewhat human appearance whereas this Owl is a monster.

Tokyo Ghoul Root A Ep 11 Review

Juuzou is the only man left standing. As Owl sets their target on him, it seems like Juuzou, for the first time, is actually afraid of death. He cowers away as Owl swings at him, only to be saved by Shinohara.He has never shown any sympathy for others, but this just goes to show that Juuzou is human. Shinohara treated Juuzou like his child and showed him love even when all of society shunned him.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 2 Episode 11 Reaction

When Juuzou was first introduced, I just saw him as a psychopath and really disliked his character. As the series progressed, we learn a bit more about his past and start to sympathize a bit for him. After seeing this though, I really feel for Juuzou as a character. He was raised in an abusive environment and then forced into the academy where everyone feared him. Shinohara was the only person in his life who saw him as a human being. To lose someone that important in your life has to take its mental toll, even if you’re void of emotions.

It was a change of pace, seeing Juuzou look so powerless. He was always the guy to run in headstrong, never fearing death. Here, he’s desperately trying to save Shinohara. He constantly just runs in while getting batted away each time. He’s never lost his cool before, but when it matters the most, he’s unable to do anything.

Tokyo Ghoul A Ep 11 Synopsis

Elsewhere, the rest of Aogiri have made an appearance and things look grim for the CCG. They already had difficulty dealing with the Dobers and the Devil Apes, but now their real target has appeared. Aogiri vastly outnumbers the CCG members. The minions of Aogiri just throw themselves as human shields against their enemies which just flat out overwhelms the CCG.

Tokyo Ghoul 2 Episode 11 Deluge of Flowers

Seidou puts up a brave front in front of Akira, but as soon as Tatara appears, all hope is lost. All of his confidence is gone. Seidou was the poor soul who didn’t want to take part in this mission, being terrified of death. He seemed to be able to cope at the beginning, but now that everyone around him as been killed, he breaks down. Having previous issues with his mentor, Houji, Tatara gives Seidou a painful death.

Meanwhile, Amon and Kaneki meet face to face once again. The two have similar views on the world, but unfortunately they’re on opposite sides. Both of them just want to protect those close to them, and thus take away from others.

Tokyo Ghoul 2 Ep 11 Summary Amon

It seems like Amon wants to hate Kaneki for being a ghoul, but his actions convince him otherwise. Kaneki had the chance of killing him when they first met, but he was crying as he showed him mercy. Even now, the eye patch ghoul is heavily wanted for criminal activity but he saves the lives of the ghoul investigators.

Kaneki vs Amon Raid

Both of them had a huge impact on each others lives. Kaneki sparing Amon really made him question whether or not all ghouls were evil, while Amon was like a voice of reason to Kaneki. He has always prevented him from crossing that line of being like every other ghoul. In the end, it’s unfortunate that they’re both on opposing sides. They really have no reason to fight each other but fate has pitted them against each other. Them clashing almost reminds me of the Naruto vs Sasuke rivalry, how they’re destined to clash even if they don’t want it to happen.

Arima God of Death

As the battle begins to wind down, and a ghoul victory is in sight, a sudden appearance changes everything. The god of death himself, Arima Kishou finally enters the fray. While the anime only mentioned him briefly, he is the most feared ghoul investigator. He has never lost a battle to a ghoul, and always secures a victory. Even against the legendary One-Eyed Owl, he manages to come out unscathed.

Arima Anime Appearance

With Arima being involved, victory becomes impossible for Aogiri and they choose to retreat. Owl retrieves Yoshimura’s body and manages to escape. In the end, not much was accomplished for the CCG. They sustained heavy losses while both Owls managed to escape.

Hideyoshi CCG

In the end, Kaneki finally returns to Anteiku. I really enjoyed how they animated this scene since it felt pretty impactful. Kaneki left Anteiku in order to protect it. Now he’s finally returned, and everything is gone. He set off to protect his peaceful life, and now there’s nothing left. He was afraid of being left alone and that’s exactly the path he went down. Hide finally confronts Kaneki which might be the silver lining to all of this. He didn’t need to run out and be the bad guy, everyone was perfectly happy with the way things were but it was Kaneki’s own fears and insecurities that caused all of this.

Crazy Eto

We finally find out the true identity of Owl, Eto or the author Sen Takatsuki. She is the one behind Aogiri and also Yoshimura’s child. The two finally have their reunion, but we have to wonder what Eto’s motives are. Why would she save the father who abandoned her which caused her to live a hateful life?

Overall, it felt like the climax of the series has been reached. The Anteiku raid draws to a close with a lot being left up in the open. In my opinion, it looks like the next episode will be anime original. They included a ton of important events from the manga, but rearranged them in a different order, making it so certain events did not take place. This basically makes it difficult for them to set up for the manga’s ending since a lot of minor details have been left out or changed. With the way this episode played out, I think a third and completely original season is possible.

The thing with Ishida Sui is that he has made numerous spin-offs for Tokyo Ghoul. Even though they’re original and separate series, he seems to keep characters consistent between all of his universes. Even if Root A was “anime original” it did not deviate far from the original source. Perhaps Root A is setting up for a what if scenario that doesn’t lead into Tokyo Ghoul RE and begins a whole new story with this route.

Eto Identity

This episode was well done, with a few minor criticisms. The animation during the Arima and Owl fight felt a bit shoddy at times. For the last few episodes, I was hoping to be blown away with some high budgeted fight scenes, but instead got some paint-level looking animations. The other thing that annoyed me a bit was how they handled the big reveal of Owl’s identity. Maybe it felt too obvious since I read the manga, but it just didn’t feel as subtle in the anime. They really emphasized on numerous details between Eto, Sen, and Owl. When I read the big reveal, I was actually pretty shocked since Eto played a very minor role, and Sen Takatsuki was more than just a convenient plot device (her chance meetings with Hinami as opposed to Kaneki being a huge fan of her books).

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2 thoughts on “Tokyo Ghoul S2 Episode 11 – Review

  1. I think that Ishida Sui has done a great job creating this universe, the character interaction feel very real, and in the future I will try to read though the manga because of my want for more background. My only real dislike/problem in the show is that they show tens of ghouls at a time, and based on how ghouls reproduce so little, and how normal people society is still go out at night, etc, the numbers seem far to high.

    I really wish that they better explained the fear of ghouls and how it affects society better. And since humans and ghouls can reproduce, are we not still technically the same species?

    1. Yeah, I can see where you’re getting at. I think even in the manga, the origins of ghouls was never really fully explained. We also don’t see how normal everyday people perceive what’s going on around them. I mean, there’s ghouls running rampant, feasting on normal people who are basically treated like fodder, yet everyday life still seems pretty normal. You also have to question how the populations are so high for both sides. Ghouls having to consume multiple humans within their lifespan, and many ghouls not surviving for very long because they’re hunted down, it doesn’t seem sustainable.

      There was an interesting piece of info that the anime chose to leave out that kind of opens up an important theory (Takatsuki Sen’s visit to CCG hinted towards something in the manga). I think the manga had a greater emphasis on finding the truth to the world but that part was completely cut out from this adaptation.

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