Tokyo Ghoul S2 Episode 12 Review

Tokyo Ghoul S2 Episode 12 (END)

Here’s the last of my weekly episode reviews before starting off fresh for the new Spring season!

Tokyo Ghoul S2 Episode 12 Review

Where do I even begin with this… there were so many things I loved about the episode, but also so many things that I heavily disliked.

Tokyo Ghoul Root A Finale

I guess I’ll start with the praise. Overall, the episode was a masterpiece in terms of artistic qualities. The animation was on point, the use of silence to convey the aftermath of the war, seeing all of the despair around them as the night is calm and quiet, the use of lighting, from a visual standpoint, it was an amazing episode.

Tokyo Ghoul S2 Episode 12 Reaction

Now onto the episode content itself. Kaneki and Hide finally meet face to face, no longer able to hide the fact that he’s a ghoul. Kaneki was afraid of being shunned by his friend for his true identity and avoided him all together. Hide was aware of this all along and treated him no differently. He wanted to be there for his friend, and felt some of the guilt for not being able to support him.

Tokyo Ghoul A Ep 12 Summary

Kaneki was too busy trying to protect others and he didn’t even realize how it was affecting those around him. Anteiku was like a happy family, and it looked like Kaneki had a place to belong. Hide on the other hand was left alone and felt kind of like an outsider. He tried his best to watch over his friend, and try to understand him.

Ep 12 Tokyo Ghoul Season 2 Synopsis

The two have a heart to heart talk (or I guess Kaneki just listens). Kaneki finally realizes that he had a home all along. With Hide, and those at Anteiku, he had a place where he was accepted no matter what. Unfortunately, all of this came too late as Hide was fatally injured from Noro (I assume).

At this point, he really has no where left to head to. He’s together with Hide, but he can’t return to school, and he can’t return to Anteiku, so he begins aimlessly wandering the battlefield.

Tokyo Ghoul Anime Original Ending

While all of this is going on, Touka reflects on what her life once was. Anteiku where she really grew up as a person and was able to enjoy her life to the fullest. All of that has come to an end as the final remains of Anteiku are burnt to the ground. She tries to retrieve Kaneki, but is inevitably stopped by Yomo. Whether his final mission was to protect Touka from entering the battlefield, or to allow Kaneki to find his own path, Kaneki has to walk alone.

Kaneki Carrying Hideyoshi

Kaneki begins marching down the district, carrying the body of Hide. As the acoustic rendition of Unravel begins to play, all is silent on the battlefield. All we can see are the fallen soldiers, slaughtered ghouls, mourning comrades, and the injured. In a battle like this, who really won in the end? A once peaceful district was shattered because of this war, and all that’s left is chaos.

Arima vs Kaneki Anime

At the end of the road, Kaneki encounters the unstoppable man himself, Arima. What happens after is left up in the air. We don’t know what transpired from that point, and the fate of Kaneki Ken remains unknown. As a new day dawns, Arima is left standing with his weapon drawn, and what we can assume is a defeated Kaneki’s hair blowing in the wind.

At the end, we see some time has passed since the Anteiku Raid, and there is a new coffee shop in town. Touka has decided to continue carrying on her dream of running a coffee shop, and uniting all kinds of people together.

Tokyo Ghoul RE Touka

Overall, I loved the episode, but did not really enjoy the content of it. We have gone down a somewhat anime original ending in the sense that it’s more ambiguous and we don’t really have a concrete answer to the fate of certain people. The first half was great, but the fact that this was also the final episode made it seem unfitting for an ending.

What happens to Eto and Yoshimura? What about Irima and Koma? We really have no answers, and yet questions continue to accumulate. It feels similar to how the first season ended, where we ran out of time and the story just cuts off.

You can watch Tokyo Ghoul S2 Episode 12 on Funimation

Tokyo Ghoul Root A Anime Review

I could probably dedicate a whole post to this, but I figure I might as well write while the finale is still fresh in my mind.

Tokyo Ghoul S2 Anime Review

As a stand alone series, I don’t think Tokyo Ghoul Root A did a very good job at the story telling. They claimed for an anime original series, but what we got was a rehash of the manga storyline. Not much actually changed, some small details along the route were altered, but the overall facts remained the same.

Having seen both the manga and the anime, I found that the anime was a bit more enjoyable when I could fill in some of the gaps with knowledge from the source.


Tokyo Ghoul Root A completely changed Kaneki’s character. In both anime series, Kaneki is seen more like a helpless kid who ends up all alone and suffering. The majority of Kaneki’s character progression was scrapped from the anime. It also didn’t help that he had very little screen time during this season, so the only instances of him that we saw, he was either fighting, or sitting by himself all depressed (woe is me).

Tokyo Ghoul A Review

Without spoiling too much, Kaneki’s story is a tragic one in the manga. He seeks power to protect those around him, but ends up going down the wrong path and leads to insanity. He completely changes who he is, but by the end of the series, he’s able to find peace within himself.

Houji Tokyo Ghoul A Final Episode

I wasn’t a fan of how they treated some of the side characters in this season. Characters like Shachi, Kuro, Shiro, and Naki were introduced for seemingly no purpose at all. You’d think that the revelation of other one-eyed ghouls would be a huge deal, but the two disappear after their fight with Juuzou. Shachi was another seemingly random introduction. We never understand why Aogiri wanted to retrieve him or why he randomly attacks Kaneki. He never makes another appearance, which makes you question why he was even introduced in the first place.

Ayato saving Touka

I think the only character that really got additional character development was Ayato. He doesn’t have much of a presence in the manga, but being Kaneki’s partner, we see another side of him. I don’t think it was ground breaking to say that he still cared for Touka, but it was nice to see his soft spot for his family.

Season 2 Tokyo Ghoul Reaction

Luckily, Juuzou still manages to retain most of his character development throughout the series. He went from a psychotic kid, to a more normal person. He began understanding what love is and what it means to fight for someone you care about. He also learned the value of life and the agony that comes with losing a loved one.


I already said it, but this wasn’t really an “anime original”. I know that term gets thrown out there a lot to justify the differences in the story, but overall, it’s still the same plot. There were so many instances that just didn’t make sense.

Tokyo Ghoul Root A Episode 12 Ken Discussion

One of my biggest issues was how Kaneki left Aogiri. They made a huge deal when he joined back in the first episode, so I believed that this would affect the story. In the end, he just leaves Aogiri randomly, and the events continue to play out unchanged. We were never given any insight as to how he left, or his reasons for leaving. All we saw was Owl (Eto) retrieving him, and then that was the end of his stay.

There were also a lot of open ended plot points that were never revisited. In the manga, we understand where Shiro and Kuro originated from, or why Shachi is significant to the story. These mentions were nice, but for those who haven’t read the manga, I can only assume that it left many viewers confused.

The ending of this season also sets up for the sequel. All of the events remained consistent, but the details remain up in the air. What is the fate of Kaneki? Did Hide succumb to his wound? What is Aogiri’s next move? I feel like a third season could be opened up to bridge the gap between Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul RE (the sequel), but it’d have to be rewritten and include all of those smaller details that we missed.

Final Thoughts

From a viewing standpoint, Tokyo Ghoul Root A was a step up in terms of animation (for the most part), artistic direction, and music. There were a ton of amazing OSTs (which were recently released) that elevated the viewing experience.

Tokyo Ghoul Root A Review

I’m not a fan of how they handled the adaptation. A lot of corners were cut, which resulted in butchered story telling and experience. I’m also disappointed that the ending remains quite different. It was impossible to have the exact same endings given all of the details and events that were cut out. However, I still firmly believe that the final few chapters of Tokyo Ghoul were some of the best I’ve ever read.

Tokyo Ghoul Finale Hide Death

Now that the second season has come to a close, I highly urge any Tokyo Ghoul fan who hasn’t already to check out the manga. I’m sure you guys are sick and tired of hearing people comparing the two, but it really is a completely different experience. I’m probably sounding a bit harsh, but it should answer a lot of the questions that were left open in the anime.

If I had to give it a rating, I’d say 7/10 is a fair number. While I really didn’t like how the adaptation was handled, I can’t discredit how the episodes were directed. The music, art, and camera control made the series worth watching. It wasn’t a terrible series, but it definitely could have been so much more based on the source material itself.

On the bright side, a Tokyo Ghoul Jack OVA has been announced, which will help fill in some of the details surrounding the mysterious Arima. (You can now check out my review on Tokyo Ghoul Jack!)

That wraps up my final review for the season, stay tuned for my Spring reviews in the coming weeks!


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16 thoughts on “Tokyo Ghoul S2 Episode 12 (END)

  1. i totally agree with your review I think it was fair and accurate. I’m a complete fan of the manga and think they could have and should have made Tokyo Ghoul 24 episodes instead of two half hearted seasons. The cinematography is great, I just wish they had kept to the original manga storyline then it could have been a true masterpiece instead of just “okay”.

    1. I totally agree with that , but ! ishida , the writer of tokyo ghoul wrote story and scenes of the 2nd season cause he didnt like the manga ending or so its said , u really cant say that the studio has done this, its just ishida sensei who wants to just torture us waiting for an obvious 3rd season . a 3rd is possible cause of the fact, that every char “died” how they did in the manga , like amon got arm chopped off by kaneki and u only see the arm lying there with akira . seidou is just the same as in manga. cause a jack ova is coming , i think theyre gonna make some info for the clowns and s2 end , cause arima investigated the clowns once and its possible theyre gonna add more than there was as in the manga.

      1. Yeah, probably not only the studio at fault here, but I’d assume that Ishida had to figure out a way to condense all of the events into just two 12 episode seasons.

        It looks like in the end, nothing really changed between the manga and anime, as you mentioned. Seido’s fate, Kaneki meeting Arima, and Amon’s disappearance. The only real details changed that I can recall were Hinami being taken away and Hide’s confirmed death, both of which weren’t major changes from the manga either.

        In the end, they worked with what they were given. Definitely wasn’t a terrible series, but very different from the manga. The feel of the series just felt completely different to me, especially with Kaneki’s character progression (he barely had any lines this season!). I think a third season for re could come down the line as well but there are a lot of gaps to fill for everything to come together.

    2. you all say the ending suck because you people don’t understand a cliff hanger which means to keep you thinking its so you can keep thinking what will happen in the next season

  2. This is surely one of the most extraordinary anime I’ve ever seen and I fancy the whole story so much.

    I’d like to share some views concerning the so-called ‘final battle’ between Arima and Kaneki. At the end of this episode, we could see that Arima is standing alone with his weapon drawn. Some say that Kaneki is defeated by Arima yet I don’t really think so. The ground is filled by snow and there must be some trace left if a battle is happened before. However, there is nothing left behind, not even a single drop of blood. Thus, it is believed that Kaneki and Arima indeed do not have a fight. I suspect Kaneki has surrendered and most likely he should be in CCG now.

    Maybe let’s see in Season 3?

    1. The ending was definitely left up in the air. It’s hard to say exactly what went down between the two. Seeing Kaneki calmly carry Hide over to the CCG area makes me believe that they wouldn’t have engaged in a fight at that point. Kaneki’s saw the light, and is done trying to protect everything on his own. He has no reason left to fight, the Anteiku he tried to protect, and his best friend are no longer around.

      The way they ended this season definitely leaves room for more in the future. While the path to the finale was different from the manga, the ending still remains similar enough to animate the sequel. My only issue if they do that is that they did cut out quite a few important details which would cause some issues. If a third season were to be animated, they’d probably have to go more anime original, while filling in those knowledge and story gaps so that there are no continuity issues.

      I think overall, it was a great episode, and this season definitely did have some amazing moments. My only issue with the series would have to be how they handled the story, but I’m probably a bit biased having read the manga version. I would love more seasons of Tokyo Ghoul, or even a readaptation of the entire series to animate the manga’s route to show how amazing Ishida Sui’s attention to detail and story is!

  3. Noro I am guessing killed Hide. As for Tokyo Ghoul A, of course, this cannot be a good standalone anime series it is continuing from Tokyo Ghoul the first season. Of which Tokyo Ghoul was actually a reasonable standalone anime. As an anime viewer only of Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul A I didn’t really struggle to fill in the blanks of the story or background of some of the characters. I think this is where reading the manga might be a detriment since it might make you unconsciously try to compare details in one adaptation over the other. I know it is happening to me with the Seraph of the End anime which I am blogging right now. So while I have not read the manga of Tokyo Ghoul I still have this pinned down as an anime masterpiece. Meaning both seasons together. I do agree Tokyo Ghoul A ended in the same fashion as the first season, so I am just going to have to be opposed to a Season 3 even if this went into anime masterpiece territory for the two season runs.

    1. Yeah, I definitely agree that reading the manga had some affect on my enjoyment of this season. I think my biggest frustration was honestly how they claimed for anime original content, when in actuality it was just a condensed version of the second half of the manga.

      Ishida Sui actually mentioned how there was a ton of original content that they ended up scrapping from the final draft which would have probably changed my thoughts on the season.

      I guess having read both, the anime and manga are both really similar and yet so different, if that makes any sense. The story line is pretty much the same, with a minor change, which overall had no real effect on the ending. Yet Kaneki is a completely different character in the two different mediums (he barely had any dialogue in the anime compared to many monologues in the manga to show his progression).

      I do agree that Tokyo Ghoul A was a masterpiece, but in a different aspect. They did most of the story telling through the art, movements, and direction of the series. I was blown away with how much they could convey through picture and music alone. Artistically, it was a great series to me and left a lot of the interpretation up to the viewer.

  4. You put so many Hide pics. Did you do it to make me suffer? ;__;

    My mind while watchign the last episode: Wait, HIDE is the one that is bleeding? I thought it was Kaneki! Is he dead? Wait, no, he smiled. But wait, is he unconcious? Or actually dead now? What happened to Kaneki? Did he die? Who is this white haired man? I don’t remember seeing him before! Why is he standing in the snow with a sword in the ground? Did he kill Kaneki?

    And for heaven’s sake.

    Why is Touka still running?

    1. Had to honor the best bro in the series by dedicating all of the pics to him :(.

      The ending is pretty ambiguous in the anime, but it’s a lot more clear with the manga. Both of them took different paths, but the end result is more or less the same. (Hide’s fate is still unclear in the manga compared to the anime).

      Touka gets to live out her dream by running a small coffee shop where everyone can gather and relax.

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