Tokyo Ghoul S2 Episode 2 Review

Tokyo Ghoul S2 Episode 2 – Review

Okay, so I wasn’t a fan of the opening at first, but the song has really grown on me. Still not sold on the animation, but the song itself gives off an eerie and painful vibe which suits this arc of Tokyo Ghoul.

A slower paced episode after last week, but still important nonetheless! I was hoping to see more of Kaneki, and perhaps get a better understanding of why he joined Aogiri. Instead, we focus more on the human aspect of the show, the CCG and Anteiku members.

The investigators are suspicious of the Owl they faced. Compared to the original one-eyed Owl, the last two encounters resulted in no deaths, whereas the original encounter was a slaughter. Shinohara has taken notice in the difference in appearance and behavior. The anime has also been hinting strongly that Yoshimura has some involvement in it. Knowing him, he doesn’t want to cause harm and he did mysteriously disappear during the Aogiri raid.

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Even after joining Aogiri, Kaneki hasn’t changed much. During their mission, he seemed to be mourning the deaths of his comrade and the target. He also caught a glimpse of the human hiding, but spared his life. Aogiri is definitely all about being the supreme race, and they have no qualms with slaughtering humans. Yet, Kaneki still holds onto some shreds of his humanity.

Tokyo Ghoul 2 Ep 2 Summary Akira Mado

We’re finally introduced to Akira, Mado’s daughter. They showed glimpses of her last season, but now we finally meet the blond haired beauty. Like her father, she’s rather quirky. She has a cold exterior and is highly analytical like her father. It looks like, thanks to her, Anteiku may be in trouble in the near future. Also, with all of CCG’s discussions regarding Aogiri, we have some idea of what Kaneki is up to and where they’re attacking.

Synopsis Tokyo Ghoul Season 2 Episode 2 Touka Winter Clothes

Since leaving, Touka has poured all of her energy into studying to keep her busy. Even then, she’s still suffering from being abandoned once again. Maybe she believes that she’ll be able to meet Kaneki again if she makes it into Kamii, or persuade him to come back for her.

The ending of these past two episodes have really done an amazing job at building hype. This season’s OST is a whole notch above the previous season, and I can’t wait for it to officially be released.

Tokyo Ghoul Anime Season 2 Ep 2 Impressions

Even if it was short, so much was being said in those last two minutes. Kaneki brewing Yoshimura’s style of coffee showing his homesickness, and perhaps comforting himself. It also shows him missing, what seems to be, Hinami’s birthday. This scene just struck something within me. Knowing Kaneki, he probably joined Aogiri to protect Anteiku. But while he’s out there fighting, he’s missing out on valuable time that could have been spent with his loved ones.

One Eyed Ghouls Tokyo Ghoul

The masked twins also appear again and, like Kaneki, they only have one ghoul eye. This opens even more questions. Kaneki was special and had limitless potential, but the fact that there are others like him could signify that he’s really not that important. He was always trying to find an identity for himself, a place to belong. He was the only one able to call both the human world, and the ghoul world his home, but that might just be taken away from him.

Eto Human Face Anime

Lastly, Eto’s home was another important thing to note. The apparent leader of Aogiri is a girl. Not only that, but she seems to live a lavish lifestyle and has a ton of books in her room. What kind of double life could she possibly be living?

Having read the manga, I found myself enjoying this episode. It let me appreciate all these hints they dropped, knowing what they’re trying to build towards. From the title of the next episode, it looks like we’ll be seeing some of chapter 109 (Hangman). Even though this is “anime original” it looks like a lot of events are remaining the same, we’re just taking a different route to get there.

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