Tokyo Ghoul S2 Episode 3 Review Kaneki Bikaku

Tokyo Ghoul S2 Episode 3 – Review

It’s about time that one of the greatest characters of Tokyo Ghoul has made his appearance! He rivals Tsukiyama on the craziness scale, and the two would make the best of friends.Tokyo Ghoul Root A Episode 3 Review Shiro and Kuro

The two mysterious twins reveal their target. The whole time, they’ve been watching Kaneki for some unknown purpose. I thought they would have spent a bit more time on the revelation of them being one-eyed ghouls, but it was kind of just brushed aside with all of the other events. They didn’t really touch on it, but the fact that they’re one-eyed, and have the same kagune as Kaneki is important to note. The fact that they also stressed that Kanou (the surgeon) is missing, so perhaps he’s the one behind these two.

Naki Finger Cracking

Naki is an interesting character. He idolized Yamori, and had a great deal of respect for him. He’s also, clearly, not the sharpest crayon in the box. He tries to be intimidating like his idol, but his lack of intelligence makes him come off as a goofy character. He currently bears a grudge towards CCG for killing Yamori, but the real culprit is standing right beside him. I wonder how he’ll react when this “good guy” is the one who killed his boss.

Tokyo Ghoul Root A Ep 3 Synopsis

Back at Anteiku, Touka has taken over Hinami’s guardian role. She’s still at a loss with Kaneki leaving, but even Hinami is growing up before her own eyes. She’s not ignorant about the situation, but Touka still doesn’t want to discuss it. Hinami decides to stop being a burden on everyone, and tries to be more independent.

Tokyo Ghoul A Ep 3 Summary Sen Takatsuki

At the bookstore, Hinami meets one of Kaneki’s favorite authors, Sen Takatsuki. She had a strong interest in Kaneki, and they definitely weren’t very subtle with what they focused on. Her muttering of his name, and her smile should definitely ring some alarms if you’ve been paying attention.

Tokyo Ghoul Anime Season 2 Ep 3 Hangman

While Hinami is out on her own, Touka bumps into Hide at the university. He’s already aware of what happened with Kaneki and is doing his best to support him from the sidelines. We get more insight into who Kaneki Ken was from someone who’s known him his entire life.

Synopsis Tokyo Ghoul Season 2 Ep 3 Chin Touch

He was always distant, and lonely. He was also capable of playing a lead role in a school play, despite his timid nature. Basically, Kaneki was someone who could put on a strong front and take on anything, even if, deep down, he was suffering. He has no real family, and tries his best to fit in. We also learn about Kaneki’s habit of hiding the truth, which is pretty significant. Going back through the first season or earlier chapters, you can pinpoint all of these moments which gives Kaneki’s character a lot more depth.

Kaneki Suffering

It’s weird since the last three episodes, we haven’t seen much of the story from Kaneki’s perspective. Ever since the Jason incident, he can’t seem to return to his normal self. The glimpses we’ve had of him, he seems like he’s suffering. When he comforted Naki, he seemed pretty distant. He killed the guy in a brutal fashion, but he genuinely seemed sorry for Naki’s loss.


When the Aogiri grunts were talking about Kaneki, I knew one of their voices were familiar. It was none other than the great Tsukiyama who can’t contain his excitement for this new and exotic Kaneki. Even if this is called an “anime original” they’re still keeping a lot of the details within the series consistent. Tsukiyama doesn’t really have any affiliation with Aogiri, but it seems like Banjo and him are looking to join up with Kaneki once again.

At the end, it looks like Aogiri is preparing to infiltrate Cochlea, the home of even stronger ghouls. We know Kaneki has come a long way, but he’s still no where near the strength of the most feared ghouls.

White Hair Kaneki Kagune

Overall, I enjoyed the episode, even if it felt a bit jumpy at times. They basically took all of the “down time” events in the manga, and packed them into this episode. The events of this episode took place anywhere from chapter 80 all the way up to 120ish, but we’re missing all of the action in-between. The details between the anime and manga remain the same, the only difference is how they seem to be arriving towards the end. Since they’re getting the slower parts out of the way early, I’m looking forward to a high amount of action and fighting towards the end of the series.

I guess I appreciated this episode a bit more since I already know what all these hints they’re dropping is leading towards, but they are a bit too obvious at times. The manga definitely had more time to flesh out the story, and all the big revelations or plot twists really surprised me. Either way, if you haven’t read the manga yet, I definitely recommend you check it out, but only after the anime finishes, to avoid spoiling it for yourself!

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  1. I think the hint for Tatsuki was going to happen because unlike the manga, we are going to be around her the whole time in the anime so might as well just point it out.

    1. Yeah, it seems like Ishida Sui went down this route so he could condense the events of the manga while still making it as coherent as possible.

      The manga had all the time in the world to really set up Eto’s big reveal, and build up to the big twist at the very end. They still didn’t reveal her other secrets yet, so hopefully that’ll still be set up well like in the manga.

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