Tokyo Ghoul S2 Episode 5 Review Kaneki Cannibal

Tokyo Ghoul S2 Episode 5 – Review

The raid on Cochlea draws to a close this week with another appearance of the One-Eyed Owl.

Juuzou Suzuya Knives

We learn a bit about the one-eyed twins’ history with Juuzou. They were all orphans within the CCG academy, and trained towards becoming ghoul investigators. Kuro and Shiro seemed like normal girls, full of emotions and caring for their friend. Juuzou, on the other hand, never really seemed to understand human relationships and lived in his own little world. They still seemed to have some fondness towards Juuzou, but he could care less about their past.

The censorship returned with some last minute blurring as Juuzou went to town with his knives. While it’s always distracting, I’m just thankful it wasn’t a huge white beam of light or darkened screen.

Tokyo Ghoul Root A Episode 5 Review

Ayato continues his fight with Shinohara. It seems like the Arata armor is reacting towards his own flesh and blood. Seeing how the armor tried to eat the investigators during the Owl fight, I wouldn’t be surprised if it were still alive to some extent. In the end, Ayato is still too weak and has a defeated look on his face as he reaches out to his father one last time.

Crazy Kanekipede

Kaneki makes his appearance as the insane centipede ghoul. His torture from Jason left lasting psychological damage that he had been suppressing. After getting beaten by Shachi, he has a complete breakdown and can no longer control his mental state. The clumsy piano playing in the background complimented what his mental state was like at the time, wild and out of control.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 2 Ep 5 Summary

He’s able to overpower Shinohara with his insanity and begins feasting on his Kakuja armor. Since it’s made from a ghoul’s kagune, this would technically count as cannibalization, and further increase Kaneki’s strength in the future. Seeing how Kaneki has been seeking strength, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a subconscious action of his. In the ghoul world, the weak get consumed, and those who consume become stronger.

Tokyo Ghoul A Ep 5 Synopsis

Amon seeing this loses all faith in ghouls. Since meeting Kaneki, he was the first ghoul to ever show a shred of humanity towards him. Seeing Kuro and Shiro also left his feelings for ghouls in a conflicted state. He could go about killing them since he thought they were incapable of understanding human emotions. Seeing Kaneki feast on Shinohara, he draws to the conclusion that he’s no different from the other ghouls. Once Kaneki snaps back to himself, he holds back once again, wanting to try and understand him.

Tokyo Kushu S2 Episode 5 Owl

At the end, Owl makes another appearance, retrieving both Kaneki and Ayato. I think the main question most people have would be, which Owl is this? CCG has already established that there are two Owls, one who loves violence, and the other who has never killed an investigator. Seeing how this one only retrieved Kaneki and Ayato before leaving, it makes me lean towards the latter one.

Kaneki Centipede vs Amon

Overall, I thought the episode was a step up in terms of animation from the previous one. My one gripe with the series though is, as a stand alone, there are a lot of details left out. A lot of the character’s personalities and relationships aren’t fully developed so it’s harder to follow along on why characters behave in the way they do. Kaneki in particular has much less screen time so far, despite the events of the manga and anime being almost identical. His insanity feels like it happened out of nowhere, whereas it was actually a gradual change after the incident with Jason.

A lot of assumptions have to be made, like what happened with Shachi after Eto spoke with him? What happened to Naki after his fight?

What I do like about the anime, is it supplements the manga as well. Ayato was never really a character of focus, despite being related to Touka, a main character. Seeing his reaction to the Arata armor, and his near death state really added more to his character. He’s not as tough as he appears to be, deep down, he’s still just a young boy who misses his dad, and wants to protect his sister.

Tokyo Ghoul S2 Ep 5 Discussion Tatara grudge against Hoji

They also added more details regarding Tatara’s relationship with Hoji. In the manga, he didn’t mention Hoji’s name until the final few chapters, but it seemed like the two had a history together. Perhaps this mission was more than just retrieving Shachi, but also to retrieve Tatara’s Fei and Yan.

As I’ve said in my past reviews, despite this being called an “anime original”, the events of the series don’t differ much from the manga. We’re still unsure whether they will follow the same ending for Tokyo Ghoul, but I think the next episode will determine it, depending on which Owl saved Kaneki and Ayato. At which point, I can see them either going down an original route, or continue with the rehashing of manga events by getting into Owl’s past.

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5 thoughts on “Tokyo Ghoul S2 Episode 5 – Review

  1. After more thought, I actually think this is the “real” Owl, as opposed to the one at the Aogiri raid.

    The hair color is different, along with the fact that its able to grab Kaneki and Ayato’s entire body in their arm leads me to believe this one is a lot bigger than the previous Owl that we saw.

    Not to mention the blood coming out of the mouth, and the way their mouth opened, along with the emphasis on it, seems to give it away.

  2. As you can see with that episode in cochlea raid the said owl who retreived ayato and kaneki was yoshimura, the manager of anteiko coffee shop, it is obvious that the last owl appeared in the episode was the old one. Then we can easily identify who is it due to its appearance. Yeah it appears bigger than the previous one because he has the ability to extend its kakuja kagune to make him bigger in appearance and he use this ability when needed.


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