Tokyo Ghoul S2 Episode 7 Review Hinami

Tokyo Ghoul S2 Episode 7 – Review

Another week of build up, but this time we have more focus on the Anteiku group (and the lovable Tsukiyama).

Kaneki Going Insane

After weeks of being on the back burner, we finally get some much needed Kaneki screen time. We saw him suffering, but never really got any insight as to why. After being humiliated by Shachi, he let the inner ghouls and demons consume him, in a quest for more power. He heavily cannibalized on the corpse of ghouls. The top of the food chain is considered the strongest creature, which is why cannibalism can be related to power. The weaker ghouls get consumed by the stronger ones, thus creating the disparity.

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Hinami is growing more concerned for Kaneki and Touka. She knows that they’re both suffering, and can’t stand seeing them like this. Being such a young girl, she really has no idea how to approach the situation though. Kaneki had done so much for her in the past, and yet she can’t help him in his time of need. She’s definitely very mature for her age though, understanding that she can’t simply confront him in his current state.

Tsukiyama El Dorado

Everybody’s loveable gentleman, Tsukiyama finally makes another appearance. Even he is showing concern for Kaneki, and is watching him. Sure some of it is probably due to his obsession, but Tsukiyama truly does care about Kaneki as a friend. He can definitely be useful at times, and helps comfort Hinami during this time. Of course, he’s also a creepy guy and runs off to pleasure himself to Kaneki’s sweet bodily fluids.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 2 Ep 7 Summary

While he’s gone, Hinami runs into Takatsuki Sen once again. It just so happens that this was the cafe where she’s been rumored to frequent (back in season one). Their conversation reveals a lot about Kaneki’s character. Despite, supposedly, having never met Kaneki, she has a great read on his character. Unlike Hinami, he didn’t have a loving family growing up. His mother was afraid of losing those close to her, and it resulted in her death. She used every waking moment trying to please others (her sister), never taking her own happiness into consideration.

Being left alone as a kid, he never really experienced what it was like to be loved. He tried so hard to find a place where he could belong. Hide touched on it in a previous episode. Kaneki would put on a mask and act to fit in, but deep down he’d be terrified or unhappy. He tries so hard to make others happy, to the point where he himself is suffering.

After giving Hinami a pep talk, Takatsuki Sen finds her way to the CCG office. They’ve been clearly hinting of her importance to the story for some time now. They didn’t really touch on the significance of her being in the CCG office though. Shinohara and Juuzou passed through a gate that can detect ghouls (detecting RC levels). Takatsuki Sen is seen running straight through them without setting off any alarms.

Tokyo Ghoul 2 Ep 7 Permeation

This second appearance of Takatsuki heavily contrasts from her initial appearance. She was pretty ditzy at her book signing, but clearly she has some ulterior motives. She asks questions, hinting towards Kaneki, and seems like she wants to set up a confrontation between CCG and Anteiku.

Kaneki finally returns to Anteiku and has a conversation with Yoshimura. The details regarding this conversation will probably be revealed later, since its crucial to the story.

Tokyo Ghoul S2 Anime Episode 7 Synopsis

Touka had been keeping herself preoocupied with her studies, but she really just wanted to see Kaneki again. In the heat of the moment, Touka goes off on Kaneki. He thought him leaving was best for them, but hearing her tell him to not return hit him hard. What is he even fighting for? He doesn’t want to be alone, but the people he wants to protect don’t want him in this state.

Discussion Tokyo Ghoul 2 Ep 7

Obviously, Touka regretted saying those things to him. All this time, she’s wanted him to return to Anteiku. I guess her venting was a good way to get it off of her chest, as she seems a lot calmer now. Just hearing Kaneki acknowledge that he might be returning has put her at ease though. The day he’ll return is approaching.

After visiting Anteiku, Shinohara seems to be set on investigating further. As he’s leaving, he confirms that the coffee was amazing, just like Takatsuki Sen had suggested, and now he’s determined to confirm her other piece of information.

They’re setting up for an inevitable clash between CCG and Anteiku it seems. Even though Anteiku has tried to keep the peace between ghouls and humans, they’re likely to get caught in the war between Aogiri and the CCG. Kaneki left in order to protect Anteiku, but it seems like he may not even be able to return at this rate.

Overall, I really liked this episode. Even if Kaneki didn’t get a ton of focus, we still learned a lot about his character through other people’s observations of him. My only complaint would be his reasoning for wanting to return to Anteiku. It seems unclear why he suddenly wanted to speak with Yoshimura, whereas there was a clear line of reasoning in the manga. I guess here, he felt like he was going insane, and wanted to find the best route to take.

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  1. Hey, this has nothing to do with the review here, but have you seen Puella Magi Madoka Magica? I have started watching it recently.

    It may look like, but it totally isn’t your typical magical girl anime, so don’t be worried if you aren’t into those. It’s a really good series and I would like to see your review (If you haven’t seen it anyways, I tried searching for it but there aren’t any reviews about it here).

    I would recommend not watching too many reviews, as they are bound to contain spoilers, just watch a few episodes and see if you’re interested.

    Other than that, l’m waiting to see more of your reviews of FSN when the second season (And maybe the movie) starts. Peace!

    1. Hey, I actually watched Madoka about a year ago I think. Maybe I should give it a rewatch though since at the time,
      I was watching it past midnight and was incredibly sleepy at the time, and didn’t give it enough attention. I enjoyed it but I felt like I missed something, either due to me being half awake while watching, or from all the hype it got from the community giving it some crazy expectations.
      Still need to watch the movies though, so I’ll probably give the series a rewatch before getting into them. Maybe I’ll do a general review of it, instead of my usual episodic ones once I find some time!
      I’m excited for FSN too, since I know the second half is where things are about to get real, and look forward to covering it!

    1. I don’t think the song has been released yet, I can’t seem to find any info about it either.

      Maybe we’ll get an earlier release though since “Glassy Sky” and “I’m on my own” were uploaded recently (OST for episodes 1 and 2 ending)

        1. To be honest, I’m not really sure. For the most part I just browse r/anime and r/tokyoghoul on reddit frequently and the myanimelist forum for Tokyo Ghoul. Tumblr also has a lot of blogs dedicated to Tokyo Ghoul where songs are occasionally uploaded. News tends to pop up on one of those outlets.

 CDJapan lists a soundtrack coming out on March 25, so perhaps the remaining songs will be released then.

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