Top Winter 2015 Anime Ending Songs

Top Winter 2015 Anime Ending Songs

Like my top opening list, I chose my top 7 endings of the winter 2015 anime season and ranked them. There were so many great ending songs this season, but I’d say that these seven stuck out the most to me.

Winter 2015 Top Anime Endings

7. SaeKano – Colorful by Miku Sawai

Best Anime Ending Songs 2015

To start off my list, Miku Sawai’s Colorful has been stuck in my head for weeks now! Not only is the song insanely catchy, but the ending animation is just so “colorful” as well. I was surprised when I looked up Miku Sawai and realized she had also done the Akame ga Kill and Kill la Kill ending songs. All three of her songs had a very different feel to them, making me not realize they’re all done by the same person!

6. Aldnoah Zero – GENESIS by Eir Aoi

Best Anime Songs Winter 2015

I think I first heard Eir Aoi singing back in the first season of Sword Art Online. Afterwards, she started appearing in every anime I saw! Either way, GENESIS is an epic song that compliments the rest of Aldnoah’s grand soundtrack. Eir Aoi manages to have very powerful vocals, especially in the chorus, giving me the chills.

5. Death Parade – Last Theater by NoisyCell

Winter 2015 Best Anime Music

So unlike the opening, NoisyCell’s Last Theater is a more “serious” song and closes out the episodes nicely. After seeing judgement being handed out, I can’t help but reflect on the characters as this song begins to play. I’m also a huge fan of NoisyCell since hearing them perform Barakamon’s ending song. Like Innocence, this song is a softer rock style, that’s sung in English.

4. Assassination Classroom – Hello, shooting-star by moumoon

Top Anime ED Songs Winter 2015

For how fun the opening is, the ending off Assassination Classroom is one of the most calming and peaceful songs of the season. I think both the OP and the ED fit the two sides of the show. On one hand, we have the crazy goofy situation where everyone tries to kill a teacher, who gladly welcomes it. On the other, this teacher is giving these kids, that everyone gave up on, some hope and attention. Hello, shooting-star is definitely very soothing and warming to listen to.

3. Cross Ange – Shuumatsu no Love Song by Nana Mizuki

List of Top Anime Songs 2015 Winter Season

Technically a Fall 2014 series, but being the second cour of the series, I figured I could put it on this list! Being sung by Nana Mizuki, I thought this song would have been better suited as the opening. but it definitely builds hype when played at the end. Nana Mizuki’s vocals are always so deep and powerful, leaving a huge impression on me, no matter what song she sings.


Best Winter Anime Songs 2015

Something about this song gives me a nostalgic feeling, reminding me of the pop-rock songs from the early 2000’s. The synthesized/auto tuned vocals are done well, even though I’m not usually a fan of it. The full version of NEVER SAY NEVER took me some getting used to since the song has moments of techno/dance and screamo in it, but after giving it a few listen throughs, I loved it. Aside from that, there’s not much else to say, Durarara’s ending is just insanely catchy and upbeat, making it my second favorite of the season!

1. Tokyo Ghoul S2 – Kisetsu wa Tsugitsugi Shindeiku by Amazarashi

Tokyo Ghoul 2 Best ED

While the opening wasn’t my favorite this season, the ending of Tokyo Ghoul A managed to top this list! The style of music used between the two seasons of Tokyo Ghoul is like night and day, but still manages to fit the series. Kisetsu’s lyrics fits Tokyo Ghoul and Kaneki’s character perfectly. My interpretation of the lyrics is that it has to deal with facing the struggles of living. No matter how bad or pointless it seems, life move on and be better. The mood of the song is very upbeat and uplifting, which contrasts the eerie and depressing opening. Overall, I find the song very calming to listen to, even if I can’t understand the lyrics, it just leaves me with a feeling of hope at the end of every episode.

Well there you have my favorite ending songs of the season. Let me know what your favorites of the season were. I know I left out a ton of catchier songs, especially some of those generic harem anime, with the cast singing together!


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2 thoughts on “Top Winter 2015 Anime Ending Songs

  1. Can I have a clarification?
    In the Youtube video of the ED of Tokyo Ghoul (Kisetsu Wa Tsugitsugi Shindeiku)
    The video there is really focused on Rize. Any comments on that?

    1. Yeah, I found it interesting how they decided to focus on Rize for the video, considering she hasn’t had a presence at all in this second season. As for the meaning behind the video, I’m not really great with finding deeper meanings, but at a glance it seems like she’s trying to keep up with her appearance, eating eloquently like a lady, only to give into her carnal desires in the end.

      Rize didn’t get a whole lot of screen time in the anime but there was a special extra chapter in the manga that explained her past a bit. She’s always been a bit of a free spirit, causing problems for other ghouls and wards. At times she tries to cooperate, but in the end she gives in to who she really is, a binge eater.

      To be honest, when I heard the lyrics, I thought they described Kaneki perfectly, especially with the manga’s ending. I guess Rize is technically a part of Kaneki though, and maybe it has to relate to him giving into who he really is in the end.

      I would love to hear your thoughts on it as well since it actually has been on my mind since watching the video!

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