Weekly Fall 2014 Anime Review 7 Kimi no Uso Kaori

Weekly Fall 2014 Anime Review #7

We’re back with the weekly fall 2014 anime reviews! I guess you can say I took a week off, but I just counted my mid season review as my sixth installment. Anyways, lets dive into the three series I’ll be discussing this week!

Parasyte Episode 7

Parasyte Episode 7 Review Uda

Shinichi finally meets someone in a similar position as himself. Uda hasn’t been exposed to the cruel world of these parasites yet, so he’s still a rather optimistic person. Watching them interact, it really makes me believe that the humans and parasites can coexist peacefully. Parasite and Migi are not hostile towards each other unlike the perfected parasites. After going through so many traumatizing experiences, Shinichi has finally met someone that he can relate to.

Kiseijuu Episode 7 anime Review

There were a lot more side effects to Shinichi’s recovery. Migi has fused more with his body, which has resulted in super human abilities. Shinichi’s worst fear is becoming a reality. He feels as if he’s losing his humanity. Not only is he physically different, he feels as if he’s losing his sense of humanity and emotions.

Parasyte Shinichi new look

Towards the latter half of the episode, he finally comes face to face with his mother once again. Previously, he was too shaken to act, and was nearly killed as a result of it. After coming to terms that his mother is no more, he has strengthened his resolve, and wishes to continue living. Thanks to Migi’s operation he has surpassed the other parasites. Having two minds not only made the combo unpredictable (while other parasites basically are all the same), but now they are both capable of holding their own against these parasites. In the end, Shinichi gets a bit of closure now that his mom’s body is no longer wandering the streets.

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Episode 7

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Episode 7 Review

The end of the semester is approaching, and everyone is playing their hearts out. Whether it’s sports or music, everyone wants to make a splash for their last competition of their middle school careers. Even though Watari has always been supportive of others, he has his own frustrations. He’s always keeping his cool in front of others, but he was as heartbroken, if not more, as the other players. He poured his heart into that game and in the end fell short.

Kimi no Uso Episode 7 Review

Arima is still haunted by his past. People have always said that he was just a robot, following his mother’s footsteps. He never once disobeyed her, and followed along with her mentoring. He feels as if he’s never had his own voice or personality. He loved his cat, but he couldn’t find the strength in him to voice his thoughts to his mother, and as a result the poor cat was abandoned.

Kimi no Uso Kaori Ep 7

Kaori comforts him. Even if it’s small, seemingly insignificant things, Kousei does have his own personality. He has food he enjoys, favorite drinks, even if he doesn’t believe it, he is unique. He might be a bit lost, but he just has to find himself, and figure out who he really is. Kaori continues to push him since she believes that playing piano really is a part of who Arima Kousei is.

Kimi no Uso Kousei Rivals

At the competition, we see Kousei’s old rivals, even if they were one-sided. Kousei has no recollection of who these people are. He was always so focused on perfecting his play, he never had an opportunity to look at the others around him. It’s a shame because Kousei’s music is what inspired Takashi and Emi. They heard his perfect music in their past, and put all their effort into catching up to him. Whether he was aware of it or not, he accomplished a musicians dream, to inspire and reach others with their music.

Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji Episode 7

Ookami SHoujo Kyouya Erika Kiss

I’m surprised that they’re officially a couple! Most shoujo’s I’ve seen tend to drag out the misunderstandings and drama longer. but Kyouya admits his faults rather quickly. He seems to keep most people at a distance and was too afraid to reciprocate any feelings towards Erika. He likes being in control of his relationships (going to go out on a whim and assume some sort of abandonment issues). Either way, hopefully the abuse gets toned down a bit, but not too much otherwise the series would be too happy go lucky!

That’s it for week 7 of the Fall 2014 season. The post is a bit shorter and later this week, mainly because I’ve been busy with several other posts. Once the season draws to a close, I have several special end of the year posts in the next couple of weeks!



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