Winter 2014 Anime Season – Week 1

With the Winter 2014 season now underway, it’s about time for me to start up with my weekly review of my thoughts on currently airing series! The season started airing last Saturday so I’m a little late on some series but I’ll share my thoughts nonetheless! This week I’ll be discussing my first impressions on Seitokai Yakuindomo S2 episode 1, D-Frag! episode 1, Nisekoi episode 1, Nobunaga the Fool episode 1, and Chunnibyou S2 episode 1.

Seitokai Yakuindomo S2

seitokai yakuindomo s2 shino

It’s finally back! Seitokai Yakuindomo kicked off their long awaited second season and went all out for the premiere. The animation and art was significantly better than their first season as well GoHand’s recent Coppelion. The animation flowed smoothly, especially during Mitsuba and Toki’s battle. Aside from that, there isn’t too much to discuss about Seitokai since it’s based on a 4-koma gag manga. For those of you who haven’t watched it, I highly recommend it if you enjoy over the top and seemingly random dirty jokes and gags.

You can watch Seitokai Yakuindomo S2 on Crunchyroll (may not be available in all countries)


d-frag! episode 1 roka

Another romcom series for this winter line up. Overall, it seems like a fun series, similar to Seitokai no Ichizon and GJ-Bu where a male finds himself being surrounded by girls in a school club setting.The comedy was alright, although some of it was a bit forced by being repeated multiple times (the moe act and dark Roka). However, the club advisor and Sakura didn’t get a whole lot of screen time so I’m hoping D-Frag will manage to balance its screen time between the entire club and not just focus on Kenji and Roka.

You can watch D-Frag! on Funimation (may not be available in all countries)


nisekoi ondodera chitoge

My first impressions of Nisekoi is that SHAFT is doing what SHAFT does best. The anime is aesthetically pleasing and has an art style that is almost identical to the Monogatari series. There was also a lack of fanservice which is unusual and actually refreshing for this type of series (Ichijo and Chitoge’s encounter, track pants for gym). While the plot seems a little generic, I still have high hopes for this series based on the characters. One thing I’m a little confused about is how Onodera has a key similar to the one from his past but it seems that he’s not very close to her. His reaction after getting a bandaid from her (happy that he got to talk to Onodera because of his injury) kind of implies that they don’t have your typical childhood friend relationship. I guess it’s only the first episode though so it’ll probably be looked into more as the series progresses.

You can watch Nisekoi on Crunchyroll and Daisuki (may not be available in all regions)

Nobunaga the Fool

nobunaga the fool episode 1

The series has a lot of interesting elements to it. They bring in various historical figures such as Nobunaga, Jeanne D’arc, and Da Vinci, while having a somewhat historical setting. On top of this combination of characters, they also decided to throw in some space traveling and a giant mecha into the fray as well. I feel like this series has potential if it’s more than one cour, otherwise it’ll probably fall flat. The first episode they already introduced us to a bunch of characters and several key elements like the mecha but haven’t gone into depth with any of them yet. Aside from that, the OP and ED of Nobunaga are also performed by the same artists who performed Kyokai no Kanata in the fall season which is something I feel we can all look forward to every week at least.

You can watch Nobunaga the Fool on Crunchyroll (may not be available in all countries)

Chuunibyou S2

chuunibyou season 2 episode 1

KyoAni’s back with another one of their moe slice of life series! The second season starts off a little bit after where the first season ended and Rikka is now living with Yuuta. I thought the episode started off great with the old cast entering a new school year and trying to change their appearance or who they are. However, that didn’t last too long once Touka made her reappearance and the gang reverted back into their chuuni selves. Despite a year passing since the start of the first season, and even though the kids grew up a little, they’re still the same deep down. Overall, it was an enjoyable premiere but I’m hoping for some actual story or romantic development rather than just having a pure slice of life show.

You can watch Chuunibyou S2 on Crunchyroll (may not be available in all countries)

That’s it for this week’s Winter write up. I didn’t have many thoughts so far since we’re only one episode into the season and it takes me a bit of time to fully get into a series. In addition, a lot of the shows I’m following this season are comedies or slice of life which leaves little to discuss about but they’re still entertaining! If there are any series you’d like to discuss in particular feel free to ask.


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