Winter 2014 Anime Season – Week 11

Here we are, the second last week for the winter 2014 anime season. Almost all of the shows are now wrapping up with only one episode left to go. This week I’ll be posting my thoughts on Hamatora episode 11, Noragami episode 12 (end), Nisekoi episode 11, and Gin no Saji S2 episode 10.


hamatora nice moral talk

At first I was a little put off at how peaceful the start of the show was. Moral and Nice finally had their confrontation but now they’re just sitting at the bar chatting. I found it odd how Nice could keep his composure even though he knew that Art was killed by him. This conversation did allow them to answer a lot of questions though. Now we know how Moral creates non-innate minimum holders as well as how his plan was conducted. Just listening to how Moral speaks is a little unsettling. He has such insane ideals and beliefs in regards to power. All the other characters who have interacted with him clearly find his way of thinking to be distorted. The fact that Moral can’t see the world in any other way just shows how twisted his mind is.

hamatora nice mad

The end of the episode was quite tragic. Despite his mother protesting against his “kind” Takahiro still refused to bear any ill-will towards her. The protests occurring around the city were basically minimum holders who decided that normal people were jealous and afraid of them, which caused them to take action against them. They were getting angry when they saw Murasaki and other minimum holders not bearing hate towards the people who were discriminating against them. Takahiro and the rest of Hamatora don’t care about power in the end. All they care about is what is important to them. Despite being the strongest minimum holder, Nice didn’t let it affect him. He still treasured his friends and enjoyed his life since he didn’t let his ability change who he was as a person.

You can watch Hamatora on Crunchyroll (may not be available in all regions)


noragami episode 12 rabo

Overall, a strong finish to probably one of the “best” (if not the best) series of the winter 2014 season. As gods of calamity, Yato and Rabo were supposed to remain isolated since they were the ones who would grant the darker wishes. People would fear and avoid talking about them since they would not want to risk getting involved in the disasters they cause. When people stop mentioning these gods of calamity gods, they’d just fade away as time goes on and they’re forgotten about. Rabo thought that Yato was like him and would understand his pain. However, Yato changed and no longer brings about destruction and death like he may have used to. Rabo was brought back from the dead and everyone had already forgotten about him. In the end, his wish to be slain by Yato, rather than forgotten about once again is granted by him.

noragami hiyori yato

After Hiyori is returned to normal, she’s given the opportunity to possible free herself from being a half phantom. All she has to do is cut off her ties with Yato and she could go back to her normal life as a high school girl. Her life before meeting Yato was uneventful and it seemed like she was just drifting through life. After being exposed to the realm of gods and phantoms, everyday is like a new adventure for her. Whether it was destroying phantoms or following Yato around doing odd jobs, there was never another dull moment in her life.

Noragami op hiyori

I think that Noragami was a strong contender for my top anime pick of the 2014 winter season. It had a unique soundtrack and consistent animation (even if they reused a few scenes throughout the series). Although it could be a bit repetitive at times (fighting nameless phantoms for several episodes), it managed to balance story telling and comedy really well. It’s unfortunate that the series had to come to an end so soon when we were only just recently introduced to some of the other gods and characters. However, since there is still more to the story in the manga, there’s always a chance for a second season in the future!

You can watch Noragami on Funimation (may not be available in all regions)


nisekoi onodera kosaki

Finally Onodera gets some alone time with Raku. It seemed a bit weird at how much Raku liked Onodera in the past even though they had very little interaction. It seemed like it was more as if he admired her since she gave off the “ideal woman” image. However, after finally going on this little outing with her, he’s able to see that she’s down to earth and just like any other girl. She finally tells Raku about the key as well and that their past may have also been connected. Of course instead of testing out the key and the locket, something has to interrupt them and they end up forgetting about it once again.

Nisekoi gorilla kirisaki chitoge

Chitoge and Raku’s relationship has been starting to feel more “real” as of late as well. Even though they sometimes give each other the cold shoulder, it’s more of a playful nature. Even though Raku’s present was a kind of joke, it’s something special shared between them. Chitoge has also been comforted and saved by Raku on several occasions now which makes her affection towards him grow even more. Even if he was rude to her at times, he’s still someone she can rely on and genuinely does care for her. The ending of the episode, Chitoge spurts out something that makes Raku realize that their childhood may have also been connected. He was so sure that the girl he made the promise with was Onodera just a minute ago, but now he’s thrown off by Chitoge’s words.

You can watch Nisekoi on Crunchyroll and Daisuki (may not be available in all regions)

Gin no Saji

gin no saji s2 hachiken pork bowl

Hachiken has finally found something that he wants to do (sort of). Throughout the first season and this one, Hachiken has always been a “yes man” who went along with anything. He didn’t have any personal goals or dreams so he didn’t mind taking on tasks from others, even if it was too much for him to handle. Now he’s determined to help Mikage pursue her own dream since he understands how much it means to her. He’s helped her break the news to her family and motivated her to take action to accomplish her dream. With Mikage working so hard to accomplish her dreams and move on in her life, the least Hachiken can do is to do the same. Instead of continuing to avoid his family, maybe this time he’ll be able to clear there air between them. At least this way, Hachiken is finally confronting his issues instead of constantly avoiding them.

You can watch Gin no Saji S2 on Crunchyroll (may not be available in all regions)

That’s it for week 11 of the winter 2014 anime season. Next week will probably be the last one for the winter season since the majority of the series will have come to a close. I’m still deciding on how I want to approach my posts about the upcoming spring season and whether or not to just include the two-cour winter shows in the spring weekly write ups (only really following Nisekoi that is two-cour). Anyways, if you’re interested in seeing my thoughts on the previous leftovers of the fall season, you can check out my latest post here.


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