Winter 2014 Anime Season – Week 2

Another week has gone by for the Winter 2014 anime season and most series are still just getting started. I don’t have too much to say about the currently airing series since we’re still in the introductory phases of a lot of series. With that said, this week I’ll be sharing my thoughts on Nisekoi episode 2, Nourin episode 2, Noragami episode 2/3, Nobunaga the Fool episode 2/3.


Nisekoi episode 2 chitoge

While the story and character’s aren’t too out of the ordinary, SHAFT’s unique animation style really elevates the show to another level. While on their “date” we get to learn a bit more about Ichijo and Chitoge’s personalities. Ichijo seems to be a real pacifist and just wants to avoid conflict in his life. He’s been raised while being surrounded by violence and as stated in the first episode, he just wants to go to a university and get a stable job in the end. Instead of causing a big commotion or fight with the guys hitting on Chitoge, he decides to take diffuse the situation by not offending the other party at all and avoiding a conflict. Chitoge on the other hand seems to lack social skills in general. Being the daughter of a gang leader, kids would probably avoid her while growing up. This leaves only her father’s men to be her company while growing up as a child which is probably why she isn’t as much of a girly girl like Onodera.

You can watch Nisekoi on Crunchyroll and Daisuki (may not be available in all regions)


nourin episode 2 kinoshita

I wasn’t sure what to expect when it came to this series, but it certainly surprised me. The characters for Nourin are just so over the top that you can’t help but laugh. Heck, the last 10 minutes of this episode were dedicated to a serious discussion about pantsu. I think overall, this will be a relaxing series to tune into every week as we get to see how Kinoshita adapts to her new life as a student in an agriculture based school. Being a former pop idol, it’s likely that she lacks social skills and missed a lot of experiences in her last few years so it’ll be fun to see how she adapts to her new life.

You can watch Nourin on Funimation (may not be available in all regions)


Noragami episode 3 yato

Noragami started a bit earlier on in the season so I’ll just combine my thoughts for the last 2 episodes here. I didn’t really have know what to expect going into a shounen anime but again I was pleasantly surprised. Norgami manages to balance the comedic aspects, serious tones, and action very well. Despite Yato being a goofy god, he respects those who serve him. He shed a tear after learning about Yukine’s past and refused to allow his Regalia’s to witness the living throw away their lives like they meant nothing. He also respected Tomone’s wish in the first episode when she no longer wanted to serve him. My only concern for Noragami is that it’s only slated for 12 episodes so I don’t think there will be room for a lot of plot development. We haven’t really been introduced to any main villains yet aside from the phantoms who don’t currently pose much of a threat to Yato.

You can watch Noragami on Funimation(may not be available in all regions)

Nobunaga the Fool

nobunaga the fool episode 3 nobunaga

Again, I’ll just lump my thoughts on the past 2 episodes together for Nobunaga. There has been a lot of world building early on in the series with all the focus on the political aspects. It was a little silly watching them fight with bow and arrows while the enemy had mechas, but I guess it shows that skill does prevail on the battlefield. So far into the series, I feel like we haven’t really gotten much background on Nobunaga yet. From the past 3 episodes, we can see he’s like a Gary Stu who just happens to excel at everything. We did get a little more insight on him from some of the minor characters (like his brother and how his friends talk him up). I’d like to see some more development on his character from himself so I can get a better understanding on the way he thinks and who he is as a person. Overall though, Nobunaga the Fool has kept me entertained with the fight scenes but I’m finding it a little hard to follow due to being unfamiliar to all the historical references. It was confirmed to be a two-cour series though so there’s still a lot of potential left for this series.

You can watch Nobunaga the Fool on Crunchyroll (may not be available in all countries)

That wraps up my Winter 2014 anime week 2 thoughts. I originally wasn’t expecting too much going into the winter season, but a lot of series have definitely surprised me and the season is looking to be a lot better than I thought.



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