Winter 2014 Anime Season – Week 8

I don’t have too many thoughts on this past week of winter anime so I’ll be keeping this post brief. This week I’ll discuss my thoughts on Noragami episode 9, Hamatora episode 8, and Nisekoi episode 8.


noragami episode 9 yukine purification

Yukine up until this point had been rather selfish. While he did have a rough life, he still only saw everything revolving around him. He was upset that he had to live in poor living conditions and follow around this poor excuse of a god. As a result, he acted out in order to gain these short term pleasures without caring about those being affected by his actions. By the end of this episode, Yukine finally breaks down and sees that Yato really did care about him. While Yukine is still dead, he has people to “live” for. Yato refused to slay him despite the risk associated with keeping such a young Regalia. Instead, he treated Yukine like a son and while it may not have seemed like he cared at times, Yato was always acting in Yukine’s best interest.

You can watch Noragami on Funimation(may not be available in all regions)


hamatora episode 8 murasaki

They really seem to like throwing in these somewhat random episodes throughout the series. Again, it had a good theme and message, while you may not be the best at something, it doesn’t mean you should give up. Instead you should focus on improving yourself and keep aiming for the top in order to succeed. The execution of this episode though, was pretty silly and kind of offsets the more serious messages as well as the previous episode with Art. I’m glad that we’re getting more character development for Murasaki but the way they handled character backstories in this series felt a little out of place. While I wasn’t that ecstatic about this episode, it was definitely entertaining. In addition, the silly and light atmosphere contrasts the darker previous episode. It’s a bit depressing knowing that Art was just killed but no one knows about it. They continue to go about their normal lives as if nothing happened and Nice is still thinking about him. Hopefully Nice and Moral have their confrontation soon since the series is nearing the end very quickly.

You can watch Hamatora on Crunchyroll (may not be available in all regions)


nisekoi episode 8 tsugumi

This was another pretty fun episode. While nothing special really happened, we got to see more of Tsugumi’s development. She’s been raised as a “cold blooded killer” and as a result lacks a lot of emotions and experiences. Now that she’s a teenage girl, she’s starting to notice things like love and doesn’t really know how to react to it.

nisekoi episode 8 chitoge key

It was also nice to see Chitoge reading her old diary since it reminded me of my own childhood (although I didn’t keep a diary). Her outlook on life was pretty simple but optimistic as a child. Now that she’s older, she kind of throws all those sappy emotions aside and looks at things more realistically. They also revealed that she has a key as well to throw more confusion into the mix regarding who Raku made his promise with. It’s kind of silly since this could all be resolved with a quick testing of the keys. Since these are high school kids and an anime though, I’m sure nothing is as simple as confronting each other about it to get it over with.

You can watch Nisekoi on Crunchyroll and Daisuki (may not be available in all regions)

That sums up another week of winter 2014 anime for me. Since a lot of the shows I’ve been following are slice of life or comedies, I don’t really have much of an opinion on most of the shows. I did post my mid-season impressions though for almost all of the series that I’ve been following (minus Maken-ki! since I’m really behind on it) which you can find here.


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