Winter 2014 Anime Season – Week 7

Another week of the Winter 2014 anime season has passed by and we’re quickly approaching the end of the season. Unfortunately, there was no episode of Gin no Saji and Nobunaga the Fool this past week but things should be back on track for week 8. This week I’ll be sharing my thoughts on Hamatora episode 7, Super Sonico episode 7, and Nisekoi episode 7.


hamatora episode 7 academy

We got a lot more information on the history of the minimum holders as well as Art. Nice withdrew from the academy for unknown reasons while Art and Honey stayed until graduation. Art staying might have been related to the fact that he was unable to harness his minimum ability and stayed at the academy hoping that he could before graduating. Nice may have left for reasons relating to what Moral stated. He was at the top of the class, no one could even compare to him which made him different from all of his peers.

hamatora episode 7 nice

The case assigned to Hamatora this episode was also pretty interesting. These people who are “weak” normally wouldn’t do anything besides sit there complaining about how their idol was violated by this man, and hate him with all of their guts. However, Shiratori Kouichi (the man being targeted by the fan boys) made a very good point regarding the whole situation. They’re all adults and are entitled to their own freedom, why should the fan boys care what their idols do in their private lives. In addition, instead of directing all of the hate towards Shiratori, why don’t they do something about themselves. They’re envious that he was able to sleep with those women but instead of working on improving their mindset and image, they just sit there hating the guy even though it won’t change anything. The way Moral empowers people is similar to this situation. These people who wouldn’t have done anything in the first place end up taking action because of their power. However, the way they take action does not actually address any of their underlying issues but rather it “solves” their problem by forcing change around them instead of changing themselves.

hamatora episode 7 moral 2

The ending of this episode was really well done. The conversation between Moral and Art gives a lot more insight to both of their characters. The way Moral perceives the world and human nature seems to be rather shallow. He thinks that he understands what others want based on his own ideas and philosophies. For example, he thinks that everyone will be happy if they are equal in strength but at the same time, strength isn’t the only thing that brings people happiness. He somewhat pities Art because of his lack of minimum abilities. While Art may be frustrated that he couldn’t use a minimum, that doesn’t mean he was unhappy with how his life was since he had friends he cared about. Moral seemed disappointed with Arts response to his proposition in the end. Here’s someone who lacks power but turns it down and would rather remain powerless. After that, it seems that Moral realized he couldn’t persuade Art like all of the other people he’s empowered and decides that he’s through with playing with him. The acoustic version of “Hikari” really tied the entire scene together along with Nice’s unanswered call to help set the tone for the closing scene.

You can watch Hamatora on Crunchyroll (may not be available in all regions)

Super Sonico

super sonico episode 7 sonico

Okay, I wouldn’t normally write about this series but I actually found this episode to be quite enjoyable. Super Sonico in general has been pretty lackluster (which is expected) since Sonico’s personality is kind of bland. Her personality combined with the fact that nothing really happens in the episodes just made the show really dull to me at least. While this episode was no different in that aspect, I did find it really relaxing to watch. Sonico is going off to travel on her own, with no real goal in mind. They used very peaceful music tracks in the episode along with no background music at some moments which let me just sit back and pay attention to the little things. Just watching the scenery or just listening to the sound of nature and footsteps was surprisingly calming. I guess in the end, what I got from this episode is that you don’t need much to enjoy yourself. Sometimes its nice to get away from everything and just enjoy your surroundings.

You can watch Super Sonico on Crunchyroll (may not be available in all regions)


nisekoi episode 7 tsugumi

It seems that they’re trying to make the “promise” that Raku made as open ended as possible. Last episode, they tried to confuse us by introducing a “male” character and mentioning a promise Chitoge had made in the past. Of course, since this is a harem series, the “male” that was an acquaintance of Chitoge turns out to be a female and starts to develop some sort of feelings towards Raku. Chitoge did ask why Tsugumi was wearing “that uniform” but by bringing up the fact that it’s a different school’s uniform it could have fooled some of the audience. I think that after watching so many harems and romantic comedy series, things become a lot less unpredictable since most of them follow your generic cliches. While Nisekoi isn’t exactly the most unique series, I definitely do enjoy it. I’m not expecting much progression with the romance or story, but I’m sure I’ll grow attached to the characters and enjoy SHAFT’s gorgeous presentation of the show.

You can watch Nisekoi on Crunchyroll and Daisuki (may not be available in all regions)

That concludes another week of the Winter 2014 season for me. Overall, I’d say it was a good week despite missing some series. There are a couple of series that I’ve been following but haven’t written anything on yet. I’ll be trying to post up some mid season thoughts on all of the series I’ve been following within the next week in case anyone is interested. That’s all for this week though and if you haven’t already, check out my write up for the continuing Fall 2013 series that aired in the past week here.


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