Winter 2015 Anime First Impressions

Winter 2015 Anime First Impressions

The new season of anime is finally here! To welcome in the season, I’ve whipped up my Winter 2015 anime first impressions. These are just my general thoughts on the series based on the first episode so far.

I’m currently planning on doing weekly reviews for Tokyo Ghoul S2, and perhaps another series that has yet to be decided (Death Parade, Durarara, Assassination Classroom maybe).

Death Parade

Death Parade First Impressions

First off, that OP is one of the catchiest and well animated openings I’ve seen! It’s quite the contrast to the feel of the series, but it still seems to fit the show. Based on the ending of the episode, and the opening, I’m curious to learn more about Onna’s situation. It seems like she was sent to Decim, like the couple, but is now a staff member of the bar.

It’s hard for me to describe, but it was an intense episode. I wasn’t too fond of the seemingly random characters and how they got into this situation. Even then, I was on edge the entire episode. With each new revelation, I found myself growing more anxious. The couple’s story served as a great set up for the series though. I’m hoping that it doesn’t fall into a repetitive cycle where new people are introduced and they play a different game, but from the preview, I don’t think that will be the case.

Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom Koro Sensei Mad

An interesting and fun series. The whole situation is pretty ridiculous and doesn’t make sense logically. We have a creature who plans to destroy the Earth, but decides to teach a class for one year. He willingly accepts the students’ attempts of assassination, and doesn’t think anything of it. Definitely a fun series to watch, but judging from Koro-sensei and Nagisa’s interactions, I expect it to be more than fun and games.

Koro really prioritizes the students learning and is actually concerned for their well-being. Nagisa, and the other students seem to be troubled kids which is why they were placed in class E. Over time, I think we’ll learn more about their pasts and really develop their characters.

Durarara!!x2 Shou

Durarara Season 2 Anime

Finally, after five years, we get to see the rest of the Durarara story. I recently finished the first season, and found myself captivated in their world. In the city of Ikebukuro, there resides numerous gangs and oddities. We follow the story of several parties as they go about their daily lives and see how they all intersect. The first episode didn’t really wow me or anything, but that’s to be expected since we ended off the first season peacefully, and it takes time to set up for new drama.

Aldnoah Zero 2

Inaho Robotic Eye

The last season ended on a cliffhanger, but that was soon quickly nullified within the very first episode. As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m not a fan of mechas, and found it hard to follow the story of Aldnoah Zero. The last few episodes of the first season were quite climatic though, with the Princess and Inaho’s fate seeming to have to an end. Being written by Gen Urobuchi, I was expecting the worst. Yet the second season is the opposite. Everyone who appeared to have died somehow survived.

I’ll have to keep watching to see how it develops, but part of me really wanted to see that plot twist.

Koufuku Graffiti

Anime Foodgasm Koufuku Graffiti

To warm up our taste buds for Shokugeki no Soma next season, SHAFT has blessed us with moe foodgasms. It’s a pretty simple series, and fun to watch, especially if you’re into cooking. I’ve never seen such intense, and sensual scenes of someone eating food before. But, yeah, for the most part, cute girls, cooking, and intense eating sums up the series nicely.


Saekano Anime

I don’t really remember too much about the pre-air episode, but I thought the animation for SaeKano was gorgeous. A-1 (Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso’s studio) really knows how to make gorgeous anime. We have a club of friends, with obviously only one male member in it. The girls tease him pretty frequently, but I guess the charm of the show for me has to be their self awareness. I thought the jokes revolving around the anime industry and fandom were pretty funny, and I look forward to watching more of the show.

Tokyo Ghoul S2

Tokyo Ghoul Root A Kaneki Leaving

I did a lengthier write up so I won’t go into details here. Overall, I thought the episode alone was of much higher quality than the entire first season. Not only is the story more serious, but the direction of the episode felt a lot better as well. The transition between scenes, the panning of the camera, all of it felt like a huge upgrade. In terms of the story, while it’s anime original there’s still a decent chance that the events will still remain the same.

As many people have speculated, they still managed to incorporate all of the core parts of the Tokyo Ghoul story so far. Given the episode constraints, it’s very possible that Ishida Sui will be telling the story of Tokyo Ghoul via a different route (root A). Kaneki still leaves Anteiku for similar reasons (protecting those close to him). Perhaps this storyline will condense the events to make it more suitable for a 12 episode anime format.

Kamisama Kiss S2

Winter 2015 Anime Review

It’s been a while since I saw the first season, and to be frank, I don’t remember much about the series. Not much really happened this episode, since it served as a reintroduction to the series. It still has it’s traditional charm to it, but I still do miss the old OP.

Kantai Collection

Winter 2015 Anime Season Preview

Watching this late at night, I was pretty tired and didn’t really pay much attention to it. I figure it’d be a lot easier to follow if I were familiar with the game it’s based on. Something about girls and warships, but it didn’t really catch my interest. It just felt like they introduced far too many characters (it doesn’t help that the same actress plays multiple characters) and I felt lost. Not sure if I’ll continue watching this since I already have so much on my plate for the season.

Generic Ecchi Light Novel Adaptations

I’ll just group these series together since they’re pretty much the same story, just different characters. By no means are these bad series (they’re even my guilty pleasure!), but every season you can expect to find at least one show that follows the same formula.

Shimai Maou no Testament

New Winter 2015 Anime Series

Probably my favorite out of the light novel adaptations this season. While I’m not particularly a fan of the character designs, this seems like it will be more plot driven than the others. A demon lord and a hero are newly siblings and will have to face the onslaught of rebel demons who try to steal her throne. Obviously, there will be tons of fan service, but I have faith that we’ll get an interesting story, similar to Highschool DxD.

Absolute Duo

Winter 2015 Harem Anime

Feels pretty similar to Trinity Seven. Guy enrolls in a special, magical school, is surrounded by women, and is secretly overpowered. Unlike your other generic light novel series, the main character isn’t the only male enrolled in the school! Don’t really have any other thoughts on the series, but I thought the first episode was pretty enjoyable and it has a lively cast.

Juuou Mujin no Fafnir

Ecchi Winter Anime Series

The third generic light novel adaptation. Heck, it even has the same voice actor as the main character of Absolute Duo! At least Fafnir doesn’t make much of an effort to hide what it really is. After a grand introduction, where you think that this might be a serious and dark series, we instantly cut to a bathing scene, and the rest is history. Mononobe is quickly enrolled in the school (as the only male D), and is surrounded by girls who will slowly warm up to him.

Definitely not a mind blowing series, but it’s always fun to watch some generic romcoms once in a while. The first episode had some decent animation and soundtrack as well, so it’s not a total let down.

World Break

Winter 2015 Light Novel adaptations

The last of the light novel adaptations for this season. I’d say that World Break had a fair amount of action compared to the other series. I also appreciate that they didn’t waste our time tiptoeing around Ranjou and Haimura’s past relationship. She instantly becomes obsessed with her former brother and does not hesitate to show affection. Overall, I had a few laughs with how over the top they were when it came to Ranjou jealous.

Well there are my winter anime first impressions. I think I covered just about everything that I’ve watched so far. I have to say, Tokyo Ghoul, Durarara, and Death Parade have to be my favorites so far, with Assassination Classroom following closely. Lucky for me, there are still a ton of great fall carryovers to look forward to, making this season better than I anticipated.

What are you guys watching from the Winter season? What series has caught your eye?


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