Top Winter 2015 Anime Opening Songs

Winter 2015 Top Anime Opening Songs

A new season of anime means a new season of anime openings! Once again, I rounded up a list of my favorite openings of the winter 2015 anime season. Surprisingly, there weren’t as many songs that caught my eye like last season, but there was still always that one clear cut winner for me!

Due to copyright issues, I’ve tried my best to link to official streams. If there are any missing or dead links, I’ll update them with official links once they’re released.

Winter 2015 Top Anime Opening List

7. Assassination Classroom – Seishun Satsubatsu-ron by Cast

Best anime opening winter 2015

Normally I’m not a fan of these silly songs being sung by the show’s cast, but I guess the chorus combined with the characters jumping up and down made the song too catchy for me. Despite the topic of the show being of a more serious nature (murder/assassination), this opening sequence captures the feel of the show, it’s pretty darn goofy.

6. Absolute Duo – Absolute Soul by Konomi Suzuki

Anime Songs Winter 2015 Season

If you’ve ever heard a song by Konomi Suzuki, you’ll understand how amazing her vocals are. She can cover such a wide range, and match the pace of any beat. Every song I’ve heard from her just gives me the chills with how deep and powerful her voice can be.

5. Aldnoah.Zero 2 – &Z by Sawano Hiroyuki & Mizuki

Anime OP Winter 2015

I don’t have too many thoughts on this song. It starts off as a very somber and peaceful song, that slowly builds into a climax for the chorus, like pretty much any other song. I guess it’s very Aldnoah-esque, but I do miss Kalafina’s pop-opera style of singing to ring in the new episodes. Nonetheless, Sawano Hiroyuki’s pieces are always a pleasure to listen to, even if this one doesn’t stand out as much as his others.

4. Tokyo Ghoul Season 2 – Munou by osterreich

Tokyo Ghoul Root A Opening

The first season of Tokyo Ghoul probably had one of the most thematically perfect openings I’ve seen. At first, I was a bit disappointed that the second OP didn’t meet the same levels of epicness as unravel did. After giving it some time though, Munou really started to grow on me. Even if the animation isn’t fancy, the song and images are a reflection of Kaneki’s character in the second half, just like how unravel was about him at the start. The music itself gives off an eerie and painful vibe.

3. Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso – Nanairo Symphony by Coala Mode

Best anime songs of winter 2015

Kimi Uso had the best OP for me last season, so it was a shame to see them change the OP. Even if the song is completely different from Hikaru nara, it’s still a very calming song. I guess the opening change signifies an overall change in tone for the series. The song alone wasn’t anything outstanding for me, but combined with the visuals of the OP, it really made an impact on me.

It was hard for me to find the original version due to copyright issues, so for now you can preview the animation and a different pitched version.

2. Nanatsu no Taizai – Seven Deadly Sins by MAN WITH A MISSION

Nanatsu no Taizai New OP

I feel like I’m one of the few people who couldn’t get into Log Horizon’s database, but I really loved this song from the same band. I just found it to be really peaceful and soothing to listen to. There’s no real raising in volume or change in tone, and the song fits the series perfectly. On top of that, the animation combined with the music really gives off this sense of adventure as we embark on the second half of Nanatsu no Taizai.

1. Death Parade – Flyers by BRADIO

Death Parade Onna Dancing

BOOM BOOM BOOM It should be no surprise that many consider this the best opening of the season. Flyers is an insanely upbeat and groovy song, which is a pretty stark contrast to the mood of the series. Not only is the opening insanely catchy, but the animation matches the song perfectly. Creepy bartenders grooving to the beat, what more could you want?

That wraps up my list. There were plenty of catchy songs, but none of them really caught my attention like the seven I listed here.

What were your favorite openings of the season?


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6 thoughts on “Winter 2015 Top Anime Opening Songs

  1. I cannot agree with your choices since I actually hated Tokyo Ghoul’s new opening theme song. Just too happy for my liking.

    As for Death Parade. It certainly amuses me. Although I am not so sure in a good way. But for this season the only music really like is the opening and ending theme song in Kamisama Kiss 2. Which I am pretty sure are done by the same music artist as the first season of Kamisama Kiss.

    1. That’s a fair point, I know Tokyo Ghoul’s opening definitely got a lot of flak from the community when it first aired. Different music preferences I suppose, but it really started to grow on me. I can see why a lot of people disliked it though, and the animation certainly doesn’t appeal to everyone.

      I definitely liked the Kamisama Kiss OP as well, I found it almost hypnotic to listen to, but it’s probably not something I’d listen to on my iPod. I should have given it a special mention though since I’d probably rank it around Assassination Classroom’s opening (had a hard time filling out that seventh spot).

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts! It actually reminded me that I’m behind on Kamisama Kiss and should probably go watch it now…

      1. I like the animation for Tokyo Ghoul A’s opening theme song just not the music. In some ways it looks more visually attractive than even Season 1’s. And, yep, I think this all chalks up to different musical tastes.

        I like the Kamisama Kiss Opening and Ending Theme Songs but not exactly music I would listen to daily. It is great for the anime but not really for day to day listening.

        Yes. I definitely recommend Kamisama Kiss 2. It is progressing nicely.

  2. How do you like Aldnoah.Zero? Breaks bettween seasons are becoming more popular, likely as they allow studios to react to their product and change it. Aldnoah.Zero had a rough start to me with how Inaho was too prefect and Slaine, while interesting, did relatively little. While it was clear that Slaine’s importance was going to grow, I think A-1 and the writers (Gen U. stated at some point he didn’t like how Inaho turned out) really did a great job in making him more personable and realistic. Slaine position’s being made clear really helps this show get better with how it’s getting to be similar to how Fate/Zero and Gundum handle individuals and their motives to me.

    Tokyo Ghoul’s OP is prefect as art, and has noticeable meaning, so I do like it. Nanatsu no Taizai is getting relatively little notice for being a generally good. I like the new OP a lot, but the show its self is starting to get a little dry to me. Absolute Duo’s OP’s animation is epic to me, and I really like how it’s not trying to hide the MC’s romantic relationship where most OPs only hint it.

    1. At first I was a little disappointed with how everyone seemingly escaped death at the end of last season, but hey, you can’t exactly kill off the main characters half way through. I didn’t follow the episodes as closely as I should have but the latest episode caught my attention again with Slaine’s betrayal. It completely changed my opinion of him, and showed that he’s not just Saazbaum’s slave. Really looking forward to seeing what his plan is now that everything has fallen into place for him.

      I agree with you on Nanatsu feeling a bit dry lately. I loved the story and fights, but it feels like the character development and backstories are a bit rushed. I was glad to learn more about Meliodas, in the latest episode, but there were just so many other things packed into the episode (Gowther’s story, Guila’s father, battle with the beast). For the most part though, I really enjoy the show, but it’s a shame they had to cut out parts to fit it into the two-cours.

      1. Episode 15 was, just well, poor. Nanatsu is really fun, but the explanation of things and not recognizing your partners really didn’t make for much of a enjoyable show for me.

        What I wish had Aldnoah.Zero was that someone received a more recognizable wound or scar so that us viewer wouldn’t be as upset with that. That being said, having anyone die would have eliminated a large number possibilities they could have gone with the show, so I’m ok with people being alive. I also really like the combat music in the show, I think its the biggest improvement beyond Inaho’s character change. Good Work JIK-dono!

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